Josh Groban Talks Tour & Tony
March 8, 2011
Tickets for Josh Groban's Straight to You tour, which kicks off in New Orleans on May 12th, are now on sale, and Josh is promising his fans an intimate experience this time around. Josh warmed up for this tour by doing a mini tour dubbed Before We Begin, which saw him playing stripped-down sets in smaller venues, and he enjoyed it so much that he wants to mimic that feeling for the big tour.

In a video posted on his website, Josh says that the Before We Begin shows were "some of my favorite concerts that I've ever done in my career." He explains, "They were intimate. They were really off the cuff. It all felt so natural, so great...the connection I was able to feel with people in the room during these smaller gigs really spoiled me."

That's why, even though the Straight to You tour will be staged in big arenas all over North America, Josh says he's going to try to recapture that same feeling. He says, "It's a really huge goal of mine to make the arena feel very intimate this time around, and continue that back-and-forth with the audience...and for the stage and lighting to feel more theatrical...less like 'edgy concert' and more like a warm environment."

Before the tour kicks off, Josh is keeping busy. He guest-hosted Live with Regis & Kelly on Friday, March 11th, and he'll soon enter the studio to record a duet with the legendary Tony Bennett. He says, "This career has given me the opportunity to sing with so many of the greats...[that] I could pack it up tomorrow and [still] have stuff to play my grandkids. I'm just so thrilled to be able to work with great people."