Josh Groban Was a Hero in Vancouver, Too
The Georgia Straight
September 2, 2011
Adrian Mack
As we mentioned in News for Youse this morning, big-voiced Josh Groban has been making charitable donations to nonprofit arts organizations in some of the cities he visits on his gigantic Straight to You tour. Last night, the Calgary Arts Academy was at the receiving end of Mr. Groban’s philanthropy, extended through his own Find Your Light Foundation. Groban writes in his Mission Statement for Find Your Light, “This foundation will help to enrich the lives of young people through arts, education, and cultural awareness… the sobering reality that these are the exact programs that are being cut from our schools and society at a drastic rate, make me more attuned than ever to the need for this focus."

Between the righteousness of the sentiment above, his admiration for Klaus Nomi, the fact that he chose to work with Rick Rubin on his 2010 album, Illuminations, AND cover a Nick Cave song while he was at it, I think I’m developing a crush on Josh Groban.

Anyway, during his visit to Vancouver on Tuesday, Groban turned his focus on the Carousel Theatre for Young People, inviting 20 of Carousel’s theatre students, staff and faculty to be his guests at the concert. Artistic director Carole Higgins was nice enough to send us the above picture taken later at the meet and greet, telling the Straight that Groban also sat down for an interview conducted by one of Carousel’s six year old students. And, of course, the company—now in its 37th season— received a donation from Find Your Light.