Five Questions
L.A. Times Magazine
June 7, 2009
Josh Groban will be inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame on June 19th. The slight 28-year-old with the big voice is honored not just for his considerable talent but for his advocacy for music education. But we want to know what makes him tick…

1.) Did being a character on The Simpsons clarify to the public that you are not an opera singer?
"[Laughs.] I'm always looking for a way to show the bigger picture of what I do. And Lisa Simpson is a fan. I'll take that-it's a huge honor."

2.) Were you ever tempted to join a rock band?
"Not vocally. When I open my mouth to sing, this is the voice that comes out. But I play the drums to get my rock emotion out there."

3.) Rick Rubin is producing your next album. Are you changing genres?
"No. We're not reinventing my sound, but I'm coming out from behind the instruments. We both have a healthy dose of fear and excitement."

4.) What was it like testifying before Congress about funding for the arts?
"It was like theater. I felt right at home. At first everybody's relaxed and chatting, then down goes the hammer and it's time to read your monologue."

5.) If you could sing a duet with anyone…?
"Bjork. She has the most amazing voice. Whether it's pop, classical, jazz-everything she does is undeniably her."