Josh Groban Praises Art Education, Says He Had Few Friends in Former Schools
April 19, 2010
By Corinne Heller
Singer Josh Groban says he did not have many school friends and didn't do well in his studies before he transferred to the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, which he said changed his life and helped launch his music career.

Groban, 29, known for hits singles such as "You Raise Me Up", transferred to the school in his junior year and graduated in 1999. He recently visited its 25th anniversary celebration, along with famed crooner Barry Manilow.

"This is a school that really helped give me the foundation for everything that I did in the future," he said. "I had come from a couple of school systems that were fine but not right for me. I wasn't making very many friends, I wasn't doing well in school."

"For me to come here and to meet so many great kids and so many great teachers who had the same point of interest, who had the same passion for the arts - it really helped change my life and so everything kind of skyrocketed from there," said Groban, who recently rallied in Washington D.C. to press Congress for arts education funding.

Groban is set to make his second appearance on Glee, playing a singing competition judge alongside Olivia Newton-John and character Sue Sylvester, the vengeful cheerleading coach played by Jane Lynch. Groban will appear on the show's debut season finale on June 8, he announced on his website recently.