Josh Groban to Perform at Mohegan Sun
Connecticut Post
July 26, 2011
By Linda Tuccio-Koonz
Josh Groban isn't the kind to kiss and tell. But if you listen to his latest album, "Illuminations," you'll learn he's still found a way to share some intimate details from his love life.

Groban, 30, does so through songs such as "Higher Window" and "Love Only Knows." Just don't ask him to name names. Groban -- who performs at Mohegan Sun Saturday, July 30, won't do it.

"I can't give specifics," he said in a recent phone interview. "That's the beauty of songs as an art. A song is not a diary entry, it's a song. You want people to imagine in their own heads what it is you might have been going through; you want people to have empathy."

"Love Only Knows" is a song that speaks of yearning to live and love as fully as possible. Romance is also in the air in "Higher Window." Groban sings:

"Because there is a light from a higher window/shining down on you tonight. And the music floats on the breeze/from an easier time. ... And all our cards are on the table/ tell me what you want to do. Just don't tell me that it's too late ... for me to love you."

Groban said "Higher Window" is about acknowledging when there's something special in a sea of normalcy.

"I think that `light' is `love.' It's about how you go so long trying to find whatever it is that you think you want, and when you find it, it's something to hold onto," he said.

The singer-songwriter co-wrote 11 of the album's 13 songs. It was three years in the making.

"These are my stories," he said. "Every one of these songs, someone's going to know it's about them."

Groban is in the midst of his 2011 "Straight to You" world tour. His concerts are theatrical and visual, with lots of audience interaction, including a chance for fans to ask questions via text messaging. Groban then answers from the stage.

"It keeps me and people from the audience on their toes," he said. "It makes it more fun than anything I've ever done. It cracks me up every night. One person wanted to know what my weapon of choice would be in a zombie apocalypse!"

Others have asked Groban what his secret circus talent is, or if they could sing with him. I don't know his secret circus talent, but I can tell you the last song he downloaded onto his iPod (as of this interview) was "Just Got to Be," by The Black Keys.

Clearly enjoying his success, Groban has been busy on a number of fronts, including television, where he appeared on "Glee." He also appeared on Oprah Winfrey's "Ultimate Favorite Things" episode, where he ran into Tom Hanks outside his dressing room.

"The first thing he did was ask me how my brother is doing in film school," said Groban. "I had mentioned it to him at a party a while ago; I couldn't believe that he remembered that. I told my brother and he was thrilled."

Mohegan Sun Arena, 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd. Uncasville. Saturday, July 30, 8 p.m. $150, $95. 1-800-745-3000,