Behind The Scenes Of Josh Groban's 'I Believe'
July 8, 2013
By Pat Cerasaro
Internationally celebrated baritone Josh Groban recently released the second single from his stupendous new studio album ALL THAT ECHOES, a cover of the 1972 Stevie Wonder classic "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)" and he now takes fans behind the scenes of the music video shoot in a new promotional featurette.

Recorded at Alexandra Place in London, the atmospheric and moody video expertly conveys the propulsive and powerful anthem as rendered in Groban's smoky, slowly-building rendition of it - complete with ecstatic gospel chorus and epic orchestral accenting.

"O.M.G." Groban emphatically expresses to a fellow onlooker when first setting his sights upon the cathedral itself that acts the prominent set in the clip. And, what a sight it is!

Additionally, Groban recently participated in my InDepth InterView column and discussed the celebrated soul track and why in particular he chose to include it on this album, at this time in his life. A portion of the interview pertaining to the that follows:

"PC: In addition to the original songs, ALL THAT ECHOES contains some very impressive covers. Tell me about your choice to include Stevie Wonder's "I Believe" - he's so unique and quite hard to top.

JG: He's so unique - so unique. Yeah, the good and bad thing about something like that; the daunting part is the Stevie Wonder part - much like Queen or anything classic like that - and you are just terrified to go ahead and record something that is so iconic; the good part is that his version is so unique and his version is so essentially him, that there then is no comparison, really. Anytime anybody sings a Stevie Wonder song, it is going to be different [than his]. So, it's just a universal melody that we just fell in love with and it's a lyrical message that represented to me kind of where I am in my life and what we all wanted the album to end on; which is, I've been far from perfect and love sucks sometimes, but when it comes around next time I am not going to let it go. [Pause.] So, I think that with all the ups and downs on the record, that was the way we really wanted to end things."

ALL THAT ECHOES is available now.