Josh Groban Wants to Do a Broadway Show and Other Things You Don't Know About Him
Us Weekly
April 22, 2015
1. My younger brother [Chris, 30] and I share the same birthday, Feb. 27.
2. I am double-jointed and can bend my fingers all the way back.
3. I hate shopping.
4. I love coffee as much as I hate shopping.
5. I love magic and as a teen auditioned for the Magic Castle nightclub. But my magic coins fell on the ground.
6. My dream duet partner is BjŲrk.
7. I will eat around every caper on every dish for the rest of my life.
8. When I was younger, I wanted to be a veterinarian and live on a farm.
9. Ever since I was a kid, Iíve loved to play tennis. I try to play three to four times a week.
10. Halloween and New Yearís Eve both depress the hell out of me for some reason.
11. I donít know how to tie a tie. Itís embarrassing.
12. One of the most treasured items in my home is a book signed for me by Nelson Mandela.
13. My goal is to take the time to do a Broadway show in the next few years.
14. I love wine and will drive to Napa, California, to get a case of Cabernet and the hiccups.
15. I have always wanted a tree house in my backyard.
16. I only like to cook with a partner or else I eat all the ingredients.
17. I walk to every stage with mint or chamomile tea and make sure to take a big gulp before starting the show.
18. I am currently working on getting my pilotís license.
19. I love video games, especially first-person and strategy games. I can get lost in them for hours when Iím on the road.
20. I am an advocate for arts education and have my own foundation called Find Your Light.
21. I donít have any tattoos (yet), but my fans have shown me some pretty creative ones.
22. I have a love-hate relationship with cheese. I love it; my vocal cords hate it.
23. When I travel, I prefer tiny rooms to big ones. I want to see every corner.
24. Iím weak in the knees for dried mango.
25. I love to prank-call my friends and family from a blocked number ó usually looking for Seymour Butts.
Grobanís new album, Stages, is out April 28.