Spot on "Ally McBeal" Makes Young Baritone, Josh Groban, Famous
The Vanderbilt Hustler
January 15, 2002
By Ashley Miller
Josh Groban's rich deep voice enchanted millions last year when he appeared on the season finale of "Ally McBeal," performing "You're Still You." In fact, he impressed so many people that he was invited back for the Christmas special. Other publicity Groban has gotten includes a duet on the "Ali" soundtrack and an appearance on the "Charlotte Church November Pledge Special," which aired on PBS.

Groban is a 20-year-old from Los Angeles with a surprisingly sophisticated sound.

He studied music intensely in school and with private teachers until 1998. Groban received his first chance when renowned producer and writer David Foster called him on his and asked him to sing at the inauguration of the governor of California. At the age of 17 he was interviewed by Rosie O'Donnell on her show.

On first listen, Groban's voice sounds very similar to that of operatic master Andrea Bocelli. However, his unique baritone stands out on his self-titled debut album. While many of the songs are not in English, Groban's emotions transcend the language barrier in songs like "Alejate" and his duet with the Irish group the Corrs, "Canto Alla Vita."

Groban has put his education at Carnegie Mellon on hold for a music career. When asked what musical style best suits his voice, Groban said in a press release, "People might want to classify me as operatic I suppose, but I won't even be touching arias for a long time. I want my voice to mature. I hope to look back on my career five or 10 years from now and see that I continued to grow as a singer."

In other words, we don't have another Charlotte Church on our hands. Josh Groban's album is both beautiful and calming, perfect for a Sunday morning when Vanderbilt students' heads are pounding from the weekend festivities.