Josh, A Big Voice
Malaysia Star
August 31, 2002
When Josh Groban opens his mouth to sing, the room is bound to go completely silent - like in that scene from the Ally McBeal season finale in which Groban's nerdy high school character charmed the socks off everyone when he took the microphone.

In fact, the show's title character was so moved, her pixie face was wet with tears at the end of the song. Then again, Ally is well known for being overly sensitive, but that is beside the point.

The truth is Groban, 20, is blessed with a baritone that has the uncanny ability to make the words he sings come magically, beautifully to life. Like Ally, many of those who saw that episode were swept away in bliss, and suddenly people were asking: "Who is this Josh Groban?"

Well, wonder no more as, with the release of his album, Groban has just fulfilled the desires of all who had been hankering for more.

Featuring a combination of pop and classical tracks, including the song from Ally Mcbeal called You're Still You, the David Foster-produced album has gone platinum on the United States Billboard chart, confirming Groban as the latest music sensation.

Groban said in a phone interview from Los Angeles recently that the material on the album is what he considers "a combination of beautiful melodies that have brought out emotions in me and hopefully it will do the same for others. The lyrics on the songs have great meaning, like Vincent, written by Don McLean, which is about the sacrifice of an artiste."

He has also made a conscious effort not to restrict himself by choosing to perform several Spanish and Italian compositions. "I had to learnthe languages and make sure that I was able to put out the words the best as possible."

Although Groban has what one may call a classical voice, he considers himself more of a pop singer... for now, at least.

"It will take years of training before I can record a fully classical album. I enjoy pop and I look at the songs on the album as pop. I'm interested in pushing the boundaries of pop music."

Working on the album was a termendous adventure and it gave him the time to explore and find out what he wanted to experience in the future.