Making the Classics Sexy
BBC Nottingham Music
February 2003
By Jenna Bachelor
Thereís never been a better time to be a kid with an angelic voice.

Back in the days when Aled Jones was "Walking In The Air," few would have wanted to be in his shoes. Singing classics, pah. Get back to the cathedral and let the real artists enjoy being New Romantics or a touch of Madchester. But then along came Pavarotti to change everything. A certain tune used as a world cup theme made opera trendy. It was only a matter of time before the whole classical scene was embraced. Lesley Garrett sold opera with sex, nowadays we have Charlotte Church and her "bad boy" boyfriend.

But itís Britainís Russell Watson whoís meshed classic with rock. He even sings the Star Trek Enterprise theme. Now thatís trendy. But heís got a rival. Josh Groban is flying the flag for the USA. Only 21, heís being touted as "the next big thing." Itís all down to an appearance on Ally McBeal apparently. When he sang, the e-mails flooded in. Now heís got his debut album out and, in the current climate, itís what youíd expect Ė a mix of the classics and AOR rock in a classical style. Hence the re-working of Don McLeanís "Vincent."

Just to make sure he gets blanket coverage heís roped in a few friends Ė The Corrs and Ms. Church (presumably before she fell out with mum and boyfriend). Itís finely polished, our Josh has a terrific voice and itíll appeal to Radio 2 and Classic FM listeners. Think a cross between Russell Watson and Andrea Bocelli and youíre there.

As long as he looks after his voice, the dollars will look after themselves.