Grobanís New Disc Brilliant
The Daily Trojan
December 4, 2003
By Megan H. Chan
With a voice as silky and smooth as butter, vocalist Josh Groban delves further into his artistic treasury and delivers a darker and more intimate second release. Though many the songs have a certain "heard-it-before feel," it's exactly that type of nostalgia that Groban harnesses and masters in order to deliver his brilliant signature sound.

With his recent album release chock-full of romance, renowned violinist Joshua Bell delivers a quick, easy and absolutely delightful performance in the voice and violin duet, "Mi Mancherai (Il Postino)," translated as "I'll Miss You." Though the song's lyrics include such weepers as and joy, my friend, goes away with you, the thematic remnants of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's famed symphonic suite, "Sheherazade," set over a syrupy lullaby-like score, soothe the crustiest of hearts.

But it's "All Improvviso Amore," or "Suddenly Love" that serves up the most humorous musical reminder ≠ the theme from the "Gummi Bears" cartoon. Along with the disc's opening track, "Oceano," the song showcases Groban's attention to artistic detail. With an inspired melody by Leo Z and Andrea Sandri, Groban's vocal inflections glide over the rolling waves in a musical fireworks display of onomatopoeia.

The sweetest English language ballad on the disc, "When You Say You Love Me," should quickly become a Top 40 classic. Sappy lyrics like When you say you love me / the world goes still so still inside somehow charm in this standard goodie.

As Groban continues to garner fans from a diverse demographic, including stay-at-home moms and college freshman, he certainly fulfills his billing as an artist with a haunting and enchanting set of pipes.