Josh Groban, Closer
December 6, 2003
Album Title: Closer
Producer(s): various
Label/Catalog Number: 143/Reprise 48450
Release Date: Nov. 11
Source: Billboard Magazine
Originally Reviewed: December 06, 2003

Listen up, past and future "American Idol" contestants: Josh Groban is the vocalist to beat. However, with this second studio album now under his belt, Groban has largely proved impossible to catch. His majestic bald eagle of a voice flies at incredible speeds, across a variety of challenging terrain. On "Closer," Groban records in English, Italian, French and Spanish. He also co-writes some material for the first time, which ups the ante from his 5 million-selling, self-titled 2001 debut. Admittedly, some of the lyrics do veer into schmaltz territory: "Never Let Go" finds Groban singing, "Forced apart by time and sand/Take a step and take my hand." A more subtle approach might have proved more effective. Still, these songs roll out more as glowing epic film scores than simple tracks on a disc.