Josh Groban As Amazing Voice
The Plainview Daily Herald
January 9, 2003
by Jason Johnson, Music Reviewer
Artist: Josh Groban
Album: "In Concert"
Release Date: Dec. 3, 2002

First of all, let me just say that there is absolutely nothing going on in the music world right now. There were only a handful of albums released last week and almost all of them were just reissues of past releases. Actually, it looks to be fairly slow for a little while, so forgive me if I go back into 2002 for a few weeks.

Now, this weekīs review is something completely and entirely out of character for me, but since quality releases were becoming sparse, I thought Iīd check it out. Iīd seen Josh Grobanīs name all over the place, but really didnīt have a clue who he was. I hadnīt heard him on the radio, and didnīt know anyone that listened to him.

I did some research on Josh before I bought the CD and found out that heīs only 22 years old, and has skyrocketed in popularity in his 13 months in the music business. He sang on the A.I.: Artificial Intelligence soundtrack, and also on the finale of Ally McBeal.

I also found out that he was a classical singer. I wasnīt excited about this new prospect at all after I read that. Iīve never enjoyed classical vocalists, or anything that even came close to it, but I decided to give this kid a shot.

I went to buy his self-titled CD, Josh Groban. Guess what. Theyīre sold out everywhere.

I decided instead to pick up the newest release, In Concert. Itīs a CD/DVD combination set, which is rather intriguing. You actually canīt beat this value. For just four bucks more than you normally pay for a CD, you get a DVD as well.

I popped in the CD expecting to be slapped in the face by this huge booming voice belting out Italian. Instead, I heard soft guitar and piano, then one of the most amazing tenor voices Iīve ever heard. I couldnīt understand the lyrics, but it was so good that I didnīt care.

Actually, there are eight songs on the CD and-to my surprise-six of them are in English. The others are in Italian and Spanish. Also, only a portion of his songs could really be called classical. The rest are more of a pop or adult contemporary style.

From what I understand, the DVD contains all the songs off the self-titled debut CD Josh Groban as well as a few others. The In Concert CD contains eight of the songs from the DVD, but is missing some of the real spectacular moments from the concert, which was rather disappointing. It does however provide a good variety of music from the set list, which makes it very easy to listen to.

Josh Groban is going to be one of the biggest vocal stars this world has ever seen. My wife walked in when I was watching the DVD and heard maybe three notes come out of his mouth. She stopped in her tracks and said: "Wow, heīs got an extremely beautiful voice." This is coming from a woman who paid for her college education with vocal scholarships. Thatīs proof enough for me.

The High Spots: Broken Vow is a story of a lost love and is one of my favorites on the disc. Jesu, Joy of Manīs Desiring and Un Amore Per Sempre are also phenomenal.

The Low Spots: There arenīt any. Trust me, I listened over and over trying to find one. Itīs flawless. Not exactly my style of music, but everyone needs to broaden their horizons, right?

Rating: 10 out of 10