Live at the Greek
Hamar Arbeiderblad, Norway
November 2004
(Thanks to Karen for this transcript)
Josh Groban’s music is a combination of pop and classical, joined by a magnificent voice that can raise even the most pathetic song up to something big. (...)This man is blessed with one of the world’s greatest voices, and when performing live he really takes off so that any woman’s heart surely misses a beat. Groban has two studio albums behind him; the self entitled debut album from 2001 and «Closer» from 2003, and he has no problems filling up a whole concert. It’s exciting to see that the man can do more than just sing - like during Canto Alla Vita when he opens with playing the piano before breaking into a drum solo of highest quality.

Groban was discovered by and taken under the creative wings of David Foster - and those who know what artists Foster usually works with know that the result often is more pompous than necessary. But we’ll give him that - he has a nose for musical quality. Which is exactly what is shown at this concert from the Greek in Los Angeles.

The album is a nice summary of Groban’s career this far, and a version of Secret Garden’s «You Raise Me Up» goes down well when it’s so brilliantly done. Another highlight is Lucia Micarelli’s mix of Nocturne and Bohemian Rhapsody.