Groban Charmed Spektrum
Norway, TV2 Nettavisen
December 2004
(Thank you to Karen for this transcript)
Venue: Oslo Spektrum
Almost sold out

Josh Groban came ęhomeĽ to Oslo Spektrum this Monday. On Thursday heíll be performing in Bergen.

Santa Claus came early to Josh Groban this year, in the shape of a thrilled audience and even a little gift shower during his first ever concert in Norway.

The Norwegian decented baritone Josh Groban came ęhomeĽ to Oslo Spektrum this Monday. He thanked his audience sincerely and was touched by the amount of people that had showed up to his first ever concert in Norway. Groban has gained many fans here since his debut in 2001. He has been to Norway four times, but only for short appearances. Thatís why he takes the time to visit Grieghallen in Bergen too.

Josh Groban is only 23 years old. He knows that a big voice is not enough to fill a gigantic venue with warmth - and seemingly he also knows itís no good to play the big shot and pretend to be more hip and trendy than he actually is. The audience is sitting in their seats and Groban is no primadonna - he must be the first artist to start his concert at the time actually announced on the ticket.

Groban is backed up by his own band, a local string ensemble and the very competent first violinist Lucia Micarelli (21). The stage is built up by a three part set of stairs, and the only decoration is videograms. Thatís it. Grobanís voice and his classical pop songs is the main focus, whether it be in a beautiful version of the gem ęCarusoĽ (translated on the screen in the background), or a nice ballad like Don McLeans ęVincentĽ.

The only drawback of the evening is the sound level, and the fact that Groban & band seem to think itís absolutely necessary to overdo the arranging continously. At times itís tiring to be a member of the audience. With aces like this up his sleeve, Groban should have dared to be a little more ęsubduedĽ.

At the same time he shows more facets of his talent by playing both piano and drums.

Still itís impressive that a 23-year old surprisingly early has found an inner confidence as a live artist - a confidence most of his peers probably has yet to find.