Groban Proves to Be the Perfect Gift for the Rain Gods
Cape Argus
December 2, 2004
By Theresa Smith
Cape Town has discovered the key to breaking the drought: Josh Groban.

Last night's concert at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden was a soggy affair - but the music was red hot.

Groban performed the first of three performances in Cape Town as part of his world tour to promote his second album Closer. Though most of the songs he sang were new, the hits from his first album were the ones that got the crowd going.

A light drizzle turned to rain as Groban launched into the third song of the evening - the hit To Where You Are, which garnered him international attention when he performed it on TV show Ally McBeal.

As he started his Spanish hit Alejate, the umbrellas started going up.

Groban's joke about his "rain song" turned out to be an unnecessary appeal to the rain gods.

By the time he got to the chorus line "Remember when it rained", the crowd were shouting their approval.

The two big screens on the sides of the stage were turned off as the rain continued.

A trickle of people left but most stayed put, earning the label "hard core" from Groban.

He was amused by the "Grobanites" in the front row who handed him roses, and he earned serious devotion from one soaked fan by letting her use his towel.

The singer was supported by members of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, led by violin prodigy Lucia Micarelli.

Ardent Grobanite Emma Prinsloo, from Somerset West, said the concert had been magical despite the weather. "It was real Josh Groban music, dramatic and emotional," she said.

Her favourite song of the evening, You Raise Me Up, was enough to get the crowd on their feet and Groban back for two encores.