Groban Rocks Chocolate Town
The Mountain Echo
February 23, 2005
By Sara Tierney
The chocolate wasn't the only sweet thing in Hershey, Pa., on Feb. 15.

"Grobanites" from the Maryland/Pennsylvania area flocked to see Josh Groban's first ever concert at Giant Center in Hershey.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the number of singers who sound completely horrid when they perform live, but I am pleased to report that Groban is definitely not in that category! If it is possible, he sounds even better live!

Opening for Groban was musician Chris Botti. Botti's album "When I Fall in Love" has been the number one instrumental jazz album for four months. His skills with the trumpet are very impressive and worth a trip to the music store to pick up his CD.

Some of the songs performed included "When I Fall in Love" and "Someone to Watch Over Me." During the concert itself, Botti was called back onstage to perform alongside Groban.

Those who know a lot about Groban's music will be familiar with the very gifted violinist Lucia Micarelli, who performs a number of solos in his songs including "Mi Mancherai."

Micarelli was present at the concert to perform with Groban. She was absolutely incredible. Her abilities on the violin are superior to anyone I have ever heard before. Groban himself even served as executive producer for her debut album "Music From a Farther Room."

Now, on to Groban. Of course, he sounded marvelous. Seeing him perform live was truly an experience. For two hours the audience was captivated by beautiful songs from his first self-titled album and his latest disc "Closer."

He opened with "Oceano," the first track from "Closer." I was tickled to hear "All Luce Dal Sole" and "Remember When it Rained" performed, as those are my two personal favorites. Apart from songs from his albums, he also performed "Remember" from the movie "Troy."

He closed the show with "You Raise Me Up," making for a very appropriate ending as a sort of tribute to the support of his fans.

The music was not the only delight of the evening. Groban himself seemed to be a very genuine person. After performing a few songs, he would stop to talk to the audience. He responded kindly to the shouts from his fans, which of course included the usual "I love you" and "Will you marry me?" He was very involved and seemed to be really enjoying himself.

His humor was also impressive. It was an emotional ride going from the moving songs that often sparked tears, followed by him making the audience laugh. It was an unforgettable night that I am sure no one who attended will ever forget.

For me, it was a one-of-a-kind experience that I would not trade for the world. If you ever have the opportunity to see Groban in concert, I highly recommend that you jump at that chance. It is definitely worth it!

Want more Groban? He can be seen at the Academy Awards on Feb. 27. Those who want more information on Groban can visit