Grobanites Get Night To Remember in Oxford
Oxford Press
March 11, 2005
Last Friday, shrieks and screams could be heard for miles in the streets of Oxford from local Grobanites.

What’s a Grobanite, you ask? Grobanites are devoted Josh Groban fans who attended his sold-out concert Friday night at Millett Hall.

Groban’s concert was a myriad of spectacular lights, talented musician soloists and fun interactions with the audience.

Groban’s show opened with jazz musician Chris Botti playing “When I Fall in Love” on his golden trumpet. Botti warmed up the audience with a beautiful serenade, playing “My Funny Valentine” for a stunned female audience member.

Botti’s performance was a warming antipasto of sorts for the main course that was sure to delight the eagerly awaiting audience.

Opening with the heart-stopping “Oceano,” and continuing the emotional “Per Te,” curly-haired Groban had the audience at his command.

Beyond his amazing voice, Groban had a few memorable moments while interacting with the audience between songs. A few teeny bopper audience members screamed “Happy Birthday Josh” which prompted Groban to explain that he turned 24 the previous Sunday while performing with musician Beyonce at the Oscars. “My birthday was Bootylicious,” Groban announced.

Perhaps the most exciting moment for audience members was Groban accepting gifts from adoring fans, including a bumper sticker he proudly displayed that read “Grobanites Dig Me and Men Fear Me.”

While the antics of the night made for a fun and engaging concert, it was the music that brought all ages together.

Groban displayed his musical range, not only through his multi-octave voice, but through his use of various musical instruments. Throughout the concert Groban played a keyboard synthesizer, drums, and the piano.

The most impressive instrumental performance came from violinist Lucia Micarelli who graced the audience with her emotional style, walking around barefoot on stage and playing the stringed instrument with all of her heart and soul. Playing between songs, Micarelli wowed the audience with her own interpretation of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Musical highs of the night included Groban’s performance of “Remember” from the movie Troy and his radio requested hit “You Raise Me Up” performed with Miami University’s Collegiate Chorale.

The concert event ended with Groban performing Paul Simon’s “America” on the piano and ending with his penned, uplifting song “Never Let Go.”

Holding up colored lights Grobanites united in their proclamation to the music star, saying “We Love You J-Gro.”

After all was said and done the night was a hit with fans anxiously awaiting Groban’s next appearance in Oxford.