Review of a Josh Groban Concert
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February 27, 2007
By By James Wittenauer
If I had to describe Josh Grobans' Cleveland, Ohio concert on February 18, 2007 to promote his new album "Awake" in just one word that word would be phenomenal; with that word only doing partial justice to the man with a voice that although is young conveys a maturity well beyond his years.

Groban weaves an enchantment that holds his audience captive when singing songs like "She Dances" and the Theme from Romeo and Juliet. His flawless voice tinged with a bit of sadness as he sings "February Morn" invites the listener to share in an intimate moment of the artist as he tells of a his regrets to a love. But the greatest moments of the performance are when he inspires the audience and holds them in awe with the songs "You Lift Me Up" and the song from his newest CD, "You Are Loved". In fact the song "You Are Loved" had people in the audience so moved, nearby concert goers were in tears. Groban also performed songs from his previous Cd's titled "Closer" and "Josh Groban". These songs only added to the enjoyment of the performance.

To make his performance complete,Grobans' flawless voice was enhanced not by loud echo machines or other technological gadgets. Instead his angelic voice was made even better by his multifaceted musical abilities, superb ensemble and orchestra and effective lighting which in no means detracted from his singing but merely added another dimension to an already perfect performance that was so spellbinding one could have heard a pin drop when he was singing. Grobans' display of his musical abilities is apparent not only in his beautiful voice, but also in his playing of the piano which he does beautifully and softly and his playing of the drums which he did during his third encore to the surprise and delight of the audience. The musical ensemble and orchestra blended with Groban to this the impression of a performance that was smooth and seamless.

The only thing that was as wonderful as his singing was his sincere rapport he developed with the audience. As Grobans' upfront, honest and lightly comical delivery charmed the audience, he came across not as a performer who was conceited or arrogant but as one who genuinely enjoyed communicating with the audience and loved being doing what he does best; And that is delighting people worldwide and inspiring them as well.

In closing, if you get the chance to see Josh Groban in concert and do not go you are missing out on a rare opportunity to see a performance that is not only entertaining, it is one that is a moving and inspiring experience as well.