Dancing Between Constellations and Dreams
August 4, 2007
Well, if you know the song where this line comes from, you must be a fan of Josh Groban; maybe even a Grobanite. Grobanites are the groupies that makes up his fan club. I am a fan, but not a Grobanite. I am unbelievably fortunate to have one of the best friends in the world that happened to give me a ticket to his concert this evening. Actually, best seats ever! I also attended his last show at the GIANT Center. This one was better! How - you want to know. Well, this time the focus was on his "Awake" CD. New music and a new focus.

The most obvious change in his show was the visual effects added to his music. Videos were run as a backdrop to the music. He also upgraded the orchestra. His cellist is fantastic while his violinist he featured in his first show but even surpasses her former performance. Actually her solo feature in this show is awesome. She has more talent in one nail clipping than most people have in their entire body. I was totally awestruck. Her number was a rock number that also included the guitarist.

Josh sang many of the old favorites of his. My personal favorite is "Remember When it Rained".Download file Of course, the vocals and orchestration were wonderful, but with the added visual effects, it was stunning. With the video effects in the background, the song took on added pleasure. Josh also played the drums during this performance.

Which leads me to the question.....can he play any instrument? On many of the songs, he played the piano. I thought he played quite well too. But when he played on the drums, I was surprised. One of the things that I really appreciate about Josh' performances are that he always recognizes his musicians. Speaking of two of the featured musicians, his violinist and his cellist - both attractive, talented young women who are shoeless on stage. Now actually, I find this totally refreshing. Seriously, who can live up to their musical standards if their feet are hurting? Both of these musicians are virtuosos in their fields! Delightful!

"So She Dances" is another song that Josh sang with the visual background of a young girl dancing. The lighting and additional effects are worth the price of a ticket! Josh is extremely attentive to his audience and exhibits patience beyond his years. He is also socially conscious informing the audience of the plight of the people in parts of Africa. He met Nelson Mandela and set out to help those in need by letting his audiences worldwide know. http://www.uniteagainsthunger" www.46664.com andwww.keepachildalive.com" [sic, (should be: http://www.keepachildalive.org/)] are websites to explore and learn about what is happening in that part of the world.

Josh performed many of the songs from his "Awake" CD. "In Her Eyes", "Now or Never" and "Machine" were enjoyed by the audience. When Josh performed "Machine" it was really difficult to concentrate on the vocals because the visuals were outstanding. "Machine" was a story about a robot.....and the ending of the song then showed a young girl walking towards you and then the reverse - her walking away. The simplicity of the visual I felt, actually overpowered the song. Then when I realized that I didn't watch the singer at all during the performance, I realized what a powerful video it was. The video drew you in!

Another number that the crowd could relate to was "Un Giorno Per Noi" This actually starts with the violins and everyone immediately recognizes the melody to "Romeo & Juliet". Josh sang "Lullaby" without orchestration. He also collaborated the writing of that song with Dave Matthews. "Lullaby" was performed with just a synthesizer. Talk about an effect! This was awesome and proved Josh Groban's undeniable talent. Josh's ability to project a song and his feeling and heart that he puts into his performances makes me wonder. Just how did he get to this point at such a young age? "Weeping" is another song that he first heard on his trip to South Africa. He was inspired by his visit to that country and incorporated influences from South Africa in his music.

One of his final songs was the crowd pleasing "You Raise Me Up". Seriously, like the most inspirational song ever! He had background singers come out for this number on both sides of the stage.

Overall, this was a "10" performance and worth the price of the expensive seats. Josh is a wonderful performer with exceptional talent! He also surrounds himself with the best that the music has to offer in musicians. His orchestra, band, and featured soloists were the best in their field. He puts together a beautiful show that every person in the audience will remember and cherish for a long, long time!

Next time, I'll remember my camera! Duh! -Kathi K.