Josh Groban: "With You"
L. A. Daily News
January 11, 2007
By Sandra Barrera
Hallmark knows how to say "I love you," but few can interpret the sentiment like young Josh Groban. With his rich baritone, the classical pop sensation croons about love, longing and heartache on this ultra-romantic Valentine's Day disc released exclusively for the greeting card giant. It will be available through February only at Hallmark Gold Crown stores. Among the eight songs compiled for this emotional roller coaster is a live recording of "Broken Vow," in which the singer wrestles with a breakup he didn't see coming. He worships "Mi Morena" from a window, recalls the moment "My Heart Was Home Again" and then skips a beat in "When You Say You Love Me." These songs are better than a box of conversation hearts.

But if Groban's voice, sweeping orchestrations, crashing cymbals and universal themes don't speak to you, there's always a card.