Larry King Live
December 12, 2001
Brief Interview Before Singing To Where You Are
(Just the Josh portion of the transcript)

KING: Thank you all very much. We're out of time, but thanks. We're going to have all of you back. Bob Woodward, Colin Soloway, Senator Bob Graham, and Senator Richard Shelby and Trent Lott earlier, as well as Christiane Amanpour. As we go to break leading up to our close for tonight with Josh Groban, Captain Charles Burlingame was buried today at Arlington Cemetery. He's the captain of American Airline flight 77 that went into the Pentagon. However, there was a great deal of fuss over whether he would be buried there. He was today. Here's the scene.



KING: The man behind me on the piano is David Foster, who has sent so many famous people and recorded for them. He's a producer, writer, director, arranger. And he discovered our young man here, Josh Groban.

Where? Where were you when he found you?

JOSH GROBAN, SINGER: I was at a voice teacher in Los Angeles. And he called him up and said I need singer for an event. And he sent him a tape. And it all kind of started from there.

KING: And the song you're going to sing for us is "To Where You Are."

GROBAN: That's right.

KING: What is it about?

GROBAN: Well, it's a song about lost love, about loss in general. And it was written about a year ago. And we sat back and listened to it again. It just seems to have so much more meaning now.

KING: We're very proud to have you with us tonight. I think you're going to have a great career. You're going to be with Charlotte Church here on PBS in November, when they have the big pledge drive.

GROBAN: Exactly. Yes, this month, they're airing that show. And we're also going to be doing another thing on CBS on the 21st. So that was exciting.

KING: And you're going to hear a great voice. Thanks very much. David Foster accompanies Josh Groban on LARRY KING LIVE. Watch.