Absolutt Underholdning
TV2 Interview-Norway
January 2002
(Thanks to karamella for the transcript)
Connie Barr: The viewer stats for TV series Ally McBeal dropped drastically in the US when Robert Downey, Jr., left the show – that was probably the reason why so many female fans have stopped tuning in. However the team behind the show are doing everything in their power to replace Downey, Jr.; singer Josh Groban is one of the new actors starring in the series, and he dreams about collaborating with a Norwegian songbird.

Josh: You know Sissel? I think she’s amazing. She’s great. We heard her in Titanic, you know, in America. I’d love to do a collaboration with her at some point.

Stål Talsnes (voice over): Yes, 20-year-old Josh Groban is a big fan of Sissel Kyrkjebø Skoller. He bought some of her CDs when he visited Oslo two years ago, as a back-up singer for Sarah Brightman. He remembers the visit well, and especially…

Josh:…Vigelandsparken [*with perfect Norwegian pronunciation might I add! Translator’s note*], yes. That was one of the most amazing trips we took. We decided to take the day off and go and… we’d seen the post card of the Angry Baby and we wanted to see it in person. So we went and we saw it and it was just this…this sculpture that was so funny and it’s so great, and all the sculptures in that park, it’s just tremendous. We don’t have anything like that in Los Angeles.

Stål Talsnes (voice over): Josh is a big star back in the US with his musical mixture of opera and pop. The debut album was made together with producer genius David Foster, who discovered Josh when he [Josh] was 17.

Josh: Three weeks later he said, “I wrote a song called The Prayer for Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, and Andrea Bocelli is not showing up for the dress rehearsal for the Grammys; would you mind coming in and sing with Celine?”

Ståle Talsnes: So that was your debut?

Josh: That was my…(rolls eyes) I guess you could say that. (Stål chuckles in the background) I was so nervous and so scared. I was in 11th grade, I was 17.

Stål Talsnes (voice over): But Josh has also become a TV star after a guest appearance in Ally McBeal, in an episode which will be aired in Norway April 2.

Josh: I play a goofy prom kid who…I love this girl and I want her to go to the prom with me, but she dumps me right before the prom. And we hire Ally to try to get her back. And the judge says there’s no way we can force her to get back together with you. So Ally McBeal says would you mind going with an older woman. Calista and I did an online chat, you know at her house the next day and a lot of fans want to see us together again. So we’ll see what happens.

Stål Talsnes: So there will be a romance?

Josh: No, not a romance. (shakes head and smiles charmingly) No, no, no, no, no.