SWETV.com Interview
Sidewalks TV
March 2002
(Thank you to insignificantstar for this transcript)
Interviewer: I'm standing here with Josh Groban. Thanks for being on Sidewalks today.

Josh: Thanks for having me on your show.

Interviewer: Tell me how you got your start.

Josh: I met a man named David Foster a couple of years ago. He saw me at a benefit concert in Los Angeles and he said,"I'd like to keep working with you." We sung at charity events for the next year and he said,"I wanna record with you." It's been a long hard road but I'm glad we finally got the CD out.

Interviewer: Now, what type of music would you classify that you do?

Josh: I would classify what I do as pop music but with a classical twist. It's um..it's definitely not opera. I wouldn't classify myself as an opera singer quite yet but uh.. but it does have an operatic nature. I mean, we have an orchestra but we also have great pop producers like David Foster. We really try to mix it up.

Interviewer: You are a really young man. Do you ever find being with people alot older than you a bit nerve racking? In terms of, like, musicianship?

Josh: Um.. sure I mean... but... but you take...you take that nervousness and you use it to learn things. I mean I have been around so many people that... who are much older than me,who are much wiser than I am... that I've taken a year, not only to record the CD,but to just learn from the best. And hopefully I'll be able to contribute a little more writing-wise and producer-wise on my next CD.

Interviewer: So who are some of your inspirations?

Josh: Inspirations.. hmm I love Paul Simon,like he was one of the first people that I listened to at a young age, as a young guy and I remember just thinking, "Oh my god, he's using African rythms", and I just thought he was so cool.

Interviewer: And the harmonies...

Josh : Uh, and the harmonies he used, yeah,um.. not really the kind of music that I'm doing right now but I'd kinda like to get into that. It got me into world music. And it got me into uh.. learning about diffrent things, diffrent cultures. Umm... obviously some of the great operatic singers. Pavarotti, Domingo, I mean um, I aspire to be a classical singer I think 5, 10 years down the road.

Interviewer: You'll still need longevity in your career as well.

Josh: Well, we're hoping so. (laughs) We're hoping. (laughs again)

Interviewer: Well, as we close, do you have anything career advice for fans like who are out there watching who love your music and saying"God, I wanna be just like Josh."

Josh: Umm, well I would (sucks breath in sharply) They wanna be just like me huh? (mock horror) No, don't, back away now. (chuckles) Um, just...just you know, one of the great things that I had as a young kid was support at an early age and it's amazing how at a young age there's alot of support and alot of criticism that can keep you from doing something for the rest of your life. It can really ingrain in your head (points to head) and if you have a dream don't listen to anybody else just keep... well listen to everybody but... follow your dreams is what I'm basically trying to say. And work very, very hard because nothing comes easy. Don't try to be like me, try to be like you. Try to be very good at being yourself.

Interviewer: I think that's good advice. Thank you.