Holmes Interview
TV New Zealand
April 3, 2002
(Thank you to fuzzisparkler and Karen for this transcript)
Holmes: A special treat for you, somebody here as well, good looking enough to be the leader of the Alliance party*1. He is someone who is still only twenty years old and he has had a wild ride in the past two or three years: Josh Groban all the way from Los Angeles. And this is Josh.

Groban: How are you?

Holman: How are you? (Josh laughs lightly) It’s nice to have you here.

Groban: Lovely to be here

Holmes: This is the busy young man who filled in for Andrea Bocelli at the Grammy awards [for] what 3 yrs ago?

Groban: It was almost two and a half years ago now.

Holmes: Really?

Groban: Yeh, that was really the day that kinda changed my life.

Holmes: And since then of course you've sing… (stutter)*2 sung with Celine?

Groban: And yeh that was the day I was able to sing with Celine actually, that was uhh, I sang the prayer with Celine Dion and it was, I was hired as just a, a fill in singer and that's where I met David Foster and I started singing from there and a couple years later it seems [Laughs]

Holmes: Is she nice?

Groban: She was very nice. And I didn't know what to expect really from somebody like Celine.

Holmes: She's someone… on the same bill of people like Elton john and all kinds of people like this. *3

Holmes: Are you pop or are you uh opera?

Groban: I would definitely say pop, um I think that most classical people would say I'm pop too, its uh you know I've got a voice that's... (interrupted)

Holmes: You're very modest.

Groban: hah hah, well I've got a voice that some people might classify as classical, definitely a theatre voice but uh music we wanted to do for the CD was definitely in the pop thing.

Holmes: (motions) Come in a bit closer, ah, a,h are you keeping, there you are, ah ah that’s excellent. *4 Ummm, It's a very special day for you today, because your CD went gold in the United States.

Groban: It did, it just went gold and we're very excited about that.

Holmes: It's got operatic getting some air (ear?)*5 play.

Groban: Yes, it was like the number one added song on the American radio and we're uh we're so excited because we've been working so hard in the last yr making the CD come out to many people, and it's, it's been great (grimace smile).

Holmes: god, that's like five hundred thousand CDs in the States.

Groban: Yep, that is five hundred thousand CDs yep . (laughs)

Holmes: It's a special day, it’s a special day for this program because we've been going for thirteen years tonight.

Groban: Well congratulations! (enthusiastically)

Holmes: Thank you. (Just as enthusiastically) We thought we’d have an American on that night too, except that you're walking in*6. Anyway, you've been on, you've been on Ally McBeal twice?

Groban: Yes

Holmes: What's she like?

Groban: She's also wonderful, I really have been so lucky to be with just great people, she's really nice, and…

Holmes: She invited you around?

Groban: Yeah I ah

Holmes: Did she discuss the CD with you and so forth?

Groban: She's really supportive of the CD, actually, we went into her kitchen actually and got on her computer and chatted with fans, and uh, we, we did an MSN internet chat with her which was really great.

Holmes: Inside the kitchen. Any sign of food in the kitchen ? I've got to ask u that. What [kind of food]?

Groban: Lots of food in the kitchen.

Holmes: Now I've got to ask, did she offer you any food?

Groban: She did, I had a banana.

Holmes: Eat any herself?

Groban: (misunderstood) I did have it, it was delicious.

Holmes: No, but did she have some?

Groban: Yes she did, I believe she had an apple.

Holmes: Oh, Mm, very good, very good

Groban: Just to clear that. Hehe. (laughs)

Holmes: Alright, whatcha going to do for us?

Groban: I'm gonna do the song that I did on the first Ally McBeal called You’re Still You.

Holmes: (gushes) which was wonderful.

Groban: Thankyou very much.

Holmes: It stopped the prom.

Groban: Oh, well hahaha

Holmes: Right josh, Thankyou for coming along,

Groban: Thank you very much. (hands shaken)

Josh Groban then performs You’re Still You in the television studio with his accompanist, Zachary Provost. There is no studio audience.

Transcribers Notes:
*1: Alliance is a political party the interviewer, Paul Holmes, had just quit that day
*2: Holmes appears to just mumble, unsure if there were any words actually said, probably not.
*3: This statement was difficult to hear & distinguish due to the muffled and mumbled voice, so it is a rough estimation of the gist of what Holmes actually said.
*4: Statement also difficult to hear. Translated with the help of Karen, although whether one can actually hear the words excellent etc is questionable. The gist of the sentence is written there, come closer, don’t move away.
*5: Likewise, slight mumbles make this statement difficult to hear. It is assumed Holmes is saying something along the lines that his song is getting earplay or airplay time.
*6: That’s what he said hopefully.