Larry King Live
July 27, 2002
Brief Interview Before Singing Vincent
(Just the Josh portion of the transcript)

KING: Stay tuned now. We got a terrific young talent to close it off. Stay tuned for Josh Groban. Don't go away.


KING: We're going to close our show tonight, a return visit with Josh Groban, one of my favorite people. He sold over a million albums already and CDs. Tomorrow night, he performs on a PBS special with the Boston Pops. He's performed at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. He's just a great natural talent without any professional training. Before you sing this song to close it out, you got married?


KING: Yes, you did when you were in elementary school.

GROBAN: In elementary school. KING: What happened?

GROBAN: Very good question. Second grade, there was a girl. I didn't really like her or anything. I was kind of telling her we'd get married because I wanted to get her away from me and that kind of thing was kind of...

KING: Good thinking.

GROBAN: Yes, exactly.

KING: What happened?

GROBAN: The next thing I knew every girl in the class is coming up to me saying "You're getting married at lunch," so I guess I did get married, you're right.

KING: What was her name?

GROBAN: Oh, man.

KING: She's walking around saying, "I married Josh Groban."

GROBAN: I know.

KING: And maybe you're breaking her heart tonight.

GROBAN: I know, sorry.

KING: OK, sorry kid, hey breaks are the game. That's show business.

GROBAN: Exactly, right.

KING: Josh Groban closes it out tonight with the great Vincent.

GROBAN: Thanks.