Sting, Josh Groban and Laura Pausini Will Sing to the Pope
November 12, 2002
By Juan Carlos Garcia
(Thank you to sweetamy for this transcript)
As an admirer of Pope John Paul II,whom he considers as one of the worldīs society most important leader, Josh Groban affirmed that he will perform on the same stage as Sting and Laura Pausini, at The Vatican, on December 14th, 2002 on a concert to honour His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

Popular in the USA, for his participation on the TV series "Ally McBeal"(starred by Calista Flockhart) the artist assured in an interview that he will perform two songs, one of them "Holly Jolly Christmas". (Holly Jolly Christmas? hmmm...the reporter made a big mistake there because as we all know itīs "O Holy Night") .

"Iīm not preoccupied for not being Catholic, my family background is very diverse, because it has Jewish and Christian roots, but what matters most itīs the intention (purpose) of what you do, itīs an honor to sing for him, because heīs a leader," Groban said.

To the artist, Christmas is the better season of the year, because everyone want to show their joy and the need of hope.

"Thatīs why itīs twice great to sing on that concert, because it means so much to all the people who celebrate Christmas," he said.

Educated in California, with classical and popular music genres, Groban studied Theater at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon College, and that let him to appreciate all the music genres.

"Because I was in theater, I realized that I liked to perform, but I was very bad at dancing." "What most excited me was music, and since then I began to sing as a pleasure, not as a school duty."

Groban sang "The Prayer" with Charlotte Church on the 2002 Winter Olympics closing ceremony, that song is included in his album, besides "To Where You Are" and "Gira Con Me" which he made very popular on the USA.

"I canīt deny that Iīve been lucky, first I recorded with David Foster (who did wonders with Celine Dion and Sarah Brightman) then I had the opportunity to do some duets, like the one with Charlotte (on the album), and the one on the Winter Olympics closing ceremony, and that gave me strength on the media, and I learned that I have to work to be here," he said.