Fox AM Interview
Television Interview-Indianapolis
November 18, 2002
(Thank you to chrisann for this transcript)
Fox: Singing sensation Josh Groban has already sold about 1 million albums at the ripe old age of 21 and it's been said that his duet with Charlotte Church at the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic games in Salt Lake City was an instant classic TV moment. Josh Groban joins us now via satellite to catch us up on his new album and TV special.

Fox: Good morning, Josh.

JG: Good morning. Thanks for having me on.

Fox: Great to have you here. What has this ride been like for you with all these successes kind of coming along at once? Have you been able to enjoy it?

JG: Yeah, I'm sitting down..finally. It's been an amazing ride this last year. It's been incredible. The album's just gone farther than I ever thought it would, so it's been great. Like you said, there's been some amazing moments. It was an honor to sing at the Olympics and it was an amazing experience for me to do this PBS special. It was a real hurdle for me. It was an opportunity for me to sing these songs live in front of a whole new audience and bring out all the musical influences that I wanted to bring out on stage, so that was really cool. I'm really excited about that airing.

Fox: Yeah, I was gonna say, let's talk a little more about the special.

JG: Sure.

Fox: It's this Saturday on PBS Nov 23 [in the Indianapolis area]. What can we expect? I mean, I know you don't want to give everything away, but to you, maybe, what is THE shining moment?

JG: What was cool for me to do with it, was, you know, when you're doing an album you're stuck in a vocal booth the whole time (clip of Josh singing Gira from the PBS special) and all you get to really get from that is the music and so all that music is on the show. We added a couple new songs, but I wanted to put some theatricality into it, so it was so cool for me to be able to work with lights and with the sets and bring some amazing guest artists onto the show. John Williams guest conducts for a song. Angie Stone is an amazing R & B singer..came on and did a duet with me, and Andrea Corr from the Corrs came on from Dublin so it was just kind of a magical couple of days for me.

Fox: Now Josh, you're also going to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is so cool!

JG: I know!

Fox: Which float will you be riding?

JG: I will be on the Maytag float, actually, yeah, and I'll be singing "You're Still You".

Fox: Just you and the Maytag repairman...

JG: Me and the Maytag repairman are gonna be ridin' down the street...

Fox: Now, this is important.....which parade wave are you going to use? Come on, you can test it out on us.

JG: You know, I've been going between the big "Hey, Everybody" and the little "kinda cool" thing...

Fox: I don't know..I'm thinking the big wave..

JG: Maybe the 2 hands....

Fox: Maybe the one long, 2 short..

JG: One long, the windshield wiper, I think is the one..I'm not sure, but when the mood hits me I think I'll decide..I'll improvise the wave...yeah..

Fox: That is awesome. I know you're also involved with the nation's tree lighting ceremony.

JG: Yeah.

Fox: That's got to be exciting! Quickly, with all these holiday specials that you're surrounded around...the new album coming you have a favorite Christmas song?

JG: Oh, wow, well....

Fox: A personal favorite...

JG: I grew up listening to singers like Mel Torme. When Mel Torme sang the Christmas song "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire" that got me..that was an amazing one, and my other favorite is the one I just recorded, "O Holy Night", and that's coming out with the DVD that's coming out, so it was really cool to sing that.

Fox: Hey, Josh..

JG: Yes?

Fox: You are such a great guy...

JG: Awwwwwww

Fox: and I know you love being put on the spot..

JG: Yes..

Fox: Sing a little bit of the Christmas song for us..come on, just a little bit.

JG: (laughs) You know it's about 4 o'clock in the morning for me, LA time, so...(laughs)

Fox: (laughs)

JG: (sings a small "Noel", then stops)

Fox: (Right after Josh started singing Noel, the interviewer started talking, then when she heard him singing she said: "Go ahead"

JG: That's about all you're gonna get from me this morning, I think!

Fox: Smart man!! He's like, watch the special this weekend!

JG: (taps finger on side of forehead) Exactly!!

Fox: Josh, thank you so much for being with us...awesome!

JG: Thanks for having me on.

Fox: And, of course his new album lands in stores December 3. You can catch him on PBS this Saturday night [in the Indianapolis area]. Josh is also performing on the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony on December 4.