KUDL-Kansas City
Radio Interview
November 22, 2002
(Thank you to Elana for this transcript)
Dina: So I picked up the phone just now and who is on the other end? Josh Groban! Hi Buddy!

Josh: How are you?

Dina: I'm doin' great how are you?

Josh: I'm doing very well, thanks.

Dina: Thank you so much for taking the time to call this afternoon.

Josh: Oh it's my pleasure.

Dina: I gotta tell you, do you realize, do...I.. you know I have all these people calling me, the're all wanting me to play Josh Groban, they're all talking about Jo...there are the Grobanites. You know about those people?

Josh: Ah! Ohhhhh yes.

Dina: Oh my goodness!

Josh: Very important group of people there. (Laughs)

Dina: Do you have any idea what a phenomenon you are?

Josh: Well..(Laughs again) I'm working very hard. It's so great that...that these fans have become such diehard fans. They've...they know everything about me. They're on the website. They meet me at all the shows I am doing, they're on the front line for sure and so that's great. That always makes me feel good.

Dina: You know they do know everything! I think, you know, that being in radio I'm pretty plugged in...

Josh: Yeah

Dina: THEY send ME information about you.

Josh: Wow!

Dina: Yeah!

Josh: That's...that's good to know. (Laughing as he says this)

Dina: Yeah! You got some folks out there workin' for you!

Josh: Totally, yeah. Whenever I want to find out, like, what...what's been written about me in a magazine or newspaper or (Dina Laughs) how people respond to a song, I just go on the website. You know, no one else can tell me but them.

Dina: Or maybe where you're supposed to be next week?

Josh: Exaaa...yeah, whatever i'm supposed to be doing, yeah.

Dina: Gets a little confusing, you are EVERWHERE right now!

Josh: Yeah, I know. (He says like it's no big deal and laughs.)

Dina: And of course the thing that we're so excited about...tomorrow night Darcie Blake from our morning show and I are going to host your Great Performances special on KCPT.

Josh: Oh, that's fantastic. Oh great!

Dina: I'm so psyched about this! Tell me a little about this special.

Josh: Well, it's, uh, it's the first time i've really been able to do a full concert and sing these songs live for a large audience. The energy was just extraordinary. As soon as I walked out on the stage...um, the concert was just over before I knew it, it was so much fun. And it allowed me...you know when I was in the vocal booth for a year, I was trapped in there doing music, but um, you know there's so much visually that can go along with these songs, so it gave me a chance to really kind of dive into what I love about theater and work with lights and work with sets and work with stage movement and work with special effects and things like that. And hopefully bring it out in such a way that doesn't take it too far from what people expect but also gives them a little something different.

Dina: Now i'm curious. As big as you have gotten in the last year...you have just been the breakthrough artist of the year.

Josh: Well thanks!

Dina: And I am guessing you probably could have done a network special and may still have one in the works.

Josh: Sure.

Dina: Why'd you choose to go with PBS first?

Josh: Well...um...I think...you know i've been watching PBS my whole life.

Dina: Mmm hmmm...

Josh:When I was growing up and I was a young kid, you know, I was trying to find something to inspire me because I loved music and the one station I could always turn to to find programs and artists that I could relate to was PBS. And especially Great Performances. They had such great...they showed Broadway shows on TV. I mean like none of the networks would ever do that. And um...and so there were so many concerts on there that inspired me to do what I do. To be asked to do it by Great Performances for myself was just an amazing honor and I would not have wanted any other station for my first special.

Dina: You really have a soft spot in your heart too for Broadway don't you?

Josh: I do, yeah. I uh, I really hope to do it one day. Um, i'm here in New York and I'm trying to see a show a night so uh, it's just...there's something so incredible about live theater. I totally believe it can touch people like nothing else and so yeah if the right thing came along it's definitely something i'd love to do in the future.

Dina: Something tells me Josh that if Broadway finds out you're interested they'll find the right thing.

Josh: (Laughs) I hope so! We'll see.

Dina: (Laughs) Let's talk about the Christmas song that you have recorded. O Holy Night.

Josh: Uh huh?

Dina: I get requests EVERY...SINGLE...DAY...

Josh: Wow.

Dina: ...multiple requests for that song and they only want to hear the Josh Groban version.

Josh: Oh great! (Laughs)

Dina: That is so cool! Why'd you choose that song?

Josh: Uh, it's one of my favorites. I've got two favorites. One is that one and the other one is Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...The Christmas Song.

Dina: Oh yeah!

Josh: And um, and so you know I think...I heard Mel Torme singing that one when I was really young and that's a song and a style i'll wait on for now. But O Holy Night just seemed to really...really fit with what I wanted to do right now and so it was a pleasure to do it. David Foster produced again and Jeremy Lubbock did an amazing arrangement so it was a lot of fun.

Dina: Well you did an amazing job on it.

Josh: Thank you.

Dina: Let me ask this. I know that it is going to be on the bonus CD

Josh: Mmmm hmmm

Dina: that goes with the DVD of the Great Performances special.

Josh: Yeah

Dina: But i've heard that the record company has also released a single CD of O Holy Night, is that true?

Josh: Um...boy...these record labels are working so fast sometimes I don't even know, I don't even know what they're deciding to package you know.

Dina: (Laughs) It's hard to keep up, I know.

Josh: That I can't say for sure. If they are then that's great and I hope people enjoy it or if not...I can't say for certain.

Dina: Ok well I'll find out for sure.

Josh: Ok

Dina: I'll let my listeners know.

Josh: Great.

Dina: And then the Grobanites will put it on the website and then you'll know.

Josh: Yeah, check the website and then you'll find out! (Laughs)

Dina: Good! There, now we're cookin'! Ok that sounds like a great idea! In fact, uh, O Holy Night, i'm getting so many requests for that and I actually put it off. I was gonna play it in the 3 o'clock hour...

Josh: Uh huh...

Dina: ...and then I decided to wait and play it with you and so everybody is kind of really after me "c'mon, c'mon, c'mon play it!"

Josh: Oh great! Good!

Dina: So, can you hang for a second and we'll play that?

Josh: I can hang. I'll hang. Great.

Dina: Ok! Hang on. Here it is. Josh Groban, O Holy Night on the Christmas music station 98.1 KUDL...


Dina: 98.1 KUDL the Christmas music station...OH! That is so gorgeous! Josh Groban, O Holy Night, and Josh is on the phone with us.

Josh: Aaaaaaay. (Laughs)

Dina: Man! Man that just gives me chills!

Josh: Thanks.

Dina: That is...uh...this...like my favorite Christmas song anyway.

Josh: Oh thanks, it's mine too.

Dina: You do such a beautiful job on it. You are SO in demand right now...

Josh: (Laughs) I'm working hard, I guess if that's what that means...i'm constantly booked doing things so i'm happy about that.

Dina: Well you are, and it's not just THINGS buddy. Lets look at the rundown here.

Josh: The events that are coming up i'm so honored to have been invited. I'm here in New York doing a couple things. I'm going to be doing the uh Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting and singing in the Macy's [Thanksgiving] Day parade. I'll be waving on a float. That'll be fun.

Dina: That's cool!

Josh: And then in the next coming month, the international traveling I'm going to do is going to be so much fun. I love Oslo, Norway, my whole mother's side of the family is from Norway so, i'll be in Oslo siging for the Nobel Peace Prize concert. Then i'll be going to Vatican City. Uh, there's a show there called Christmas at the Vatican and um, the Pope will be there.

Dina: Yeah, now Josh that's not exactly like, you know, playing the corner bar.

Josh: No, thats...that's pretty nice. (Dina laughs) Who knows, maybe the Pope will throw a bottle on the stage but uuuhhh I doubt it. (Josh laughs)

Dina: Do you get nervous like 'oh my god it's the pope!'?

Josh: (Laughs) OH MY GOD IT'S THE POPE! (they both laugh) Um, yeah of course. I get nervous for everything I do. Even if I were siging in a little bar I would get nervous. I get stage fright. I have to calm myself down and turn it into positive nervous energy for me to go out and do a good job otherwise it will totally totally make me collapse.

Dina: Now see I don't see that at all. When I have seen you perform, like when you did the National Anthem at the world series, you just make it seem so effortless.

Josh: (Laughs) I have to get myself to that point. (Laughs again) There's a little bit of a time period before I go on that I have to get myself out of the freaking out stage and get myself focused.

Dina: Ok. Freaking out. I gotta ask this question.

Josh: Uh huh?

Dina: What's it like... because this would freak me out...you're 17 years old

Josh: (Laughs) Oh yeah.

Dina: David Foster calls. Says come on down to the Grammy rehearsal. We need somebody to sing The Prayer with Celine Dion.

Josh: Yeah. (Laughs)

Dina: What's that like?

Josh: Well, I mean the freaking out is exactly why I first said NO to that. And every time I think that I said that I slap myself (Dina laughs) because most people say "oh that was your big break you didn't say yes immediately?!" I didn't think of it that way. I was just thinking to myself 'am I going to be able to do a good job? Is Celine going to like me? Is she going to want to get someone new?' you know, but I went down there. David said "You are NOT letting me down. Get down here right now." And so it took that push, for sure. And then when I got there Celine was incredible and she was so nice. It's just kind of a story i've had with me my whole career and it changed my life really.

Dina: That's so great. Well you have made such a splash. I gotta tell ya, I got women in their 20's...30's...40's...50's...and they call me and they rave..."Josh Groban, he's so fabulous! I love his voice! I love his music!"

Josh: Wow.

Dina: And then at the end they always say "...and he's such a little hottie!" (Josh laughs, of course!)

Josh: Wow that's great! Dina; Yeah! So, for them i'm going to ask this question.

Josh: Ok

Dina: Any special lady in your life?

Josh: Any special lady? No not at the moment. No committed special ladies right now. I'm dating a little bit but it's so hard to have a full on relationship right now with all the traveling i'm doing so, one day, but not right now.

Dina: A little hard when you're haging out with the Pope...

Josh: Exactly. When i'm hanging out with the Pope you know...not a lot of women around. (Dina laughs)

Dina: Josh, lets run over the PBS information one more time for everybody. It's a Great Performances special correct?

Josh: Right.

Dina: It's going to be this Saturday night here in Kansas City. Actually we're doing back to back specials. We're doing the Trans Siberian Orchestra at 7:00.

Josh: Wow.

Dina: And that one's got Jewel and Michael Crawford on it.

Josh: That's gonna be fabulous, yeah.

Dina: And then we'll follow it up with the main event.

Josh: Great. (Josh laughs)

Dina: Josh Groban at 8:30 on KCPT here in Kansas City. It's going to be fabulous. I'm so excited!

Josh: I'm very excited for that. It was a real labor of love and I really hope people enjoy it.

Dina: Thank you so much for taking the time this afternoon. You've been very gracious, a true gentlman. We luv ya!

Josh: Thanks, anytime! (Laughs)

Dina: Oh! What a cutie! Josh Groban on 98.1 KUDL the Christmas music station. Nice of him to call in this afternoon and chat. And a couple things - the website he mentioned is joshgroban.com. There is a tour in the works. We think it's going to start in March of 2003 but there aren't any specific cities on the list yet so cross your fingers for Kansas City and uh yes, according to Josh's record company that CD single is available in the stores as of today, so good luck on that. Josh Groban on 98.1 KUDL. Hey Steve you there with the traffic?

Steve: Yes I am. And man what a nice guy he is.

Dina: Isn't he a sweetheart?

Steve: He was great!