Delilah Interview
Radio Interview
November 28, 2002
(Thank you to StarKitten513 for this transcript)
D: You’ve been busy.
J: Very busy.
D: Very busy. Traveling all over.
J: Yes
D: Singing all over. Selling records.
J: Trying to, yeah.
D: Trying to keep the Grobanites happy.
J: Trying desperately to keep the Grobanites happy.
D: Now the last time we talked there were a couple thousand Grobanites. Are we up to 20 or 30 thousand yet?
J: Almost. Yeah. Doin’ well.
D: Yeah.
J: Sure.
D: Josh Groban with us as we celebrate Thanksgiving. What is that in your hand?
J: Janie tried to umm…I took a bite of it. It kinda tastes like coal. Not too sure what it is.
D: It is coal. It’s Janie’s cookies. Which are closer to coal than cookies.
J: Yeah.
D: Yeah. Don’t eat that.
J: Ok.
D: Don’t eat that at all.
J: So
D: We got plenty of good food here that Janie didn’t make.
J: I saw.
D: Yeah.
J: Yeah.
D: So we’ll…we got sweet potato pie, we got leftover stuffing, we got all the good stuff.
J: Yeah.
D: Just stay away from Janie’s cookies.
J: (laughing) Ok.
D: In fact, stay away from anything Janie attempts to cook.
J: I’ll try. I’ll do my best. Is that um…is that Jennifer Lopez there with Sunny?
D: That, that is J-Lo hangin out with the Sun-man.
J: Ohh.
D: What are ya gonna go cut in on his action?
J: I-uh-umm-I uh- I’m gonna leave that alone actually.
D: You’re actually closer to Jennifer’s age than Sunny is.
J: (laughing)
D: Sunny’s 18 now and you’re 21?
J: 21.
D: Yeah.
J: But you know, they got something goin’ on over there. I think uh…
D: (laughing)
J: I dunno if (not sure what he says)
D: Don’t leave those two alone! Are you gonna sing for us tonight, will you sing for us?
J: Uh. Sure. Yeah. Absolutely.
D: So Josh, you’ve been like traveling all over the place and you took time to come and hang with us for Thanksgiving. What are you doing these days?
J: Well, I’m going all over the world. It’s been really exciting seeing all these different countries and experiencing different fans from all over the world. It’s been really, really cool.
D: Grobanites that speak German and stuff like that?
J: They speak everything. Yeah.
D: Yeah.
J: So it’s been…that’s been really, really fun.
D: Now somebody, if somebody Josh, wants to come and see you on tour.
J: Uh-huh.
D: How would they do that?
J: Well uh…we’re just uh…we’re just to the middle of doing a tour now and uh…
D: So can they go to your website and get a schedule?
J: They can go to my website and get a schedule of when I’ll be performing. That’s And uh…yeah. Uh. I hope to see them there.
D: So are you, do you, are you going to stay? Gonna hang out with us for a little while or do you got like a plane to catch in 20 minutes?
J: Um… I can hang out for a little bit.
D: You gonna hang out for a bit?
J: I can eat…no, I can’t eat any more cookies. But...
D: Nah, not if they’re Janie’s cookies.
J: But I’m gonna try some turkey and shake J-Lo’s hand.
D: ‘Cause if you try another one of Janie’s cookies your teeth will break and your manager will shoot me.
J: And I’m gonna sing with a lisp. (with a fake lisp) Cause you know, I won’t have any teef (teeth) for (mumbling). You know, so…
D: (laughing)
J: (laughing) No, I wouldn’t…I wouldn’t want to do that.
D: That would be bad. Especially if you’re like with Celine or something and appearing on stage.
J: (with a fake lisp) So good to thee (see) you again. (laughing)
D: (laughing hysterically)
J: It was the cookie!
D: Oh thank you Josh! Happy Thanksgiving!
J: Thanks a lot, happy Thanksgiving!