Nobel Concert Interview
December 2002
(Thank you to karamella for this transcript)
Josh Groban is a a shooting star. A star that has climbed so fast up the ladder of career that he surely missed a few steps. He had to put his drama education on hold when he was offered a record deal on Warner's.

Amazing to sing with Sissel
Today, Josh is 20 years old and is often referred to as the new Andrea Bocelli. Groban visited Norway last year under the TV broadcasted Sportsman of the Year gala at Hamar. Before the Nobel concert Wednesday, he expressed that he'd long wanted to sing with Sissel.

-I've been wanting to sing with her for years, Groban tells NRK.
-I met her for the first time three days ago, and she's just one of the most amazing and talented persons I've ever met. It's amazing to finally be able to sing with her.
-It's a great honour to take part in such events and this plays a big part in how people look upon the peace prize, Groban says.

Both rock and opera
-Have you ever taken part in any small concerts?
-Yeah, in my living room, Groban laughs. He was known to American audience through big events like the Olympic closing ceremonies.

-Of course, when I was younger I did high school-musicals and cabarets and stuff like that, so I've been doing everything from charity concerts to Olympic ceremonies. But it's easier when it's big, cause then you can't see the people you're singing to. When you can see everyone's eyes on you in a small room, you get more nervous.

On the Nobel concert Wednesday, Josh performed a duet with Sissel, and is known as a kind of crooner, but has his musical roots in the pop-and rock genre.

-I grew up with music from bands and artists like Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Björk and electronic music, but I was also listening to opera and songs from musicals, and that's what I trained my voice to sing. I don't use my voice to sing rock music, but I might be heading in that direction now, Josh says.