Interview With Josh Groban
December 13, 2002
(Thank you FozFan for this translation)
Josh Groban, 21, American, is the younger one of all the foreign artists appearing on the Aula Paolo VI's stage for the tenth edition of the Christmas Concert at the Vatican.

- Josh, it is the first time that you are performing on this stage and in such a circumstance. How do you feel; what are your feelings?

"I'm honored to be here; i am very nervous and thrilled! Maybe this is the most exciting moment of the year, and I am in the world's most incredible city, Rome. It fills me with joy to feel myself part of this emotion, together with other artists from every corner of the world."

-Which values you'll try to give with your music in an international context that is not easy at all, like the one we're living today?

"The international situation isn't one of the easier, but some values can pass through music. In this context I'll try to transmit values that can lead to some thoughts about a world peace and to sing in a place like this, at the Pope's presence and waiting for the Holy Christmas, surely has to give a message of hope and peace."

-This morning (Friday, December 13th) you met the Pope in person. How did you feel?

"It's been a big emotion to see a man so strong that passes on hope and joy!"

- During the concert you'll sing two songs, Oh Holy Night and Alla Luce Del Sole, an Italian text.

"I picked an Italian song because I love the Italian language, I am studying it, and because I believe that Italian is a musical language. I like it a lot, even though i am a bit nervous for my awful Italian!!"