Adiós, Plácido, Luciano y José...
February 2, 2003
By Katy Díaz
(Thank you to sweetamy for this transcript)
Here comes Alessandro Safina, Josh Groban and Russell Watson, three new artists who are "giving something to talk about" on the opera-pop music style, because of their talent and powerful voice.

Beware Luciano Pavarotti, Plácido Domingo and José Carreras, because here comes a new generation of singers, who besides being talented are very good-looking (handsome).

Their names are: Josh Groban, Alessandro Safina and Russell Watson. Here we introduce them to you.

(I´m going to post only the text where they mentioned Josh, ok?)


This young and handsome baritone, who sang since he was 3 years old, was discovered by the famous producer and arranger, David Foster.

One day, Foster needed with urgency a singer to perform at an event for the Governor of California. Josh knew about this, and he sent a demo tape. The response came immediately, and since then Foster and Josh have been working together.

One of his greatest opportunities was when he sang with Celine Dion on the rehearsals for the 1998 Grammy event. On that occasion Celine was supposed to sing with Andrea Bocelli, but because the Italian tenor couldn’t rehearse, Foster asked Josh to sing with the Canadian singer (Celine). The duet "The Prayer" was a success, and since then the baritone (Josh) received many great opportunities.

But Josh wanted to learn more, so he enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University, a prestigious musical theatre, but he had to leave school because he had to record his debut album "Josh Groban" due to the insistence by Warner Bros. executives. On this album, there are many artist who participate with him, like Charlotte Church, Rhys Fulber, Lili Haydn and The Coors.

Name:Josh Groban

Age: 21 years old

Country of procedence: United States (USA)

His achievements: He’s #1 on sales; his album was Platinum on the USA with 1,000,000 copies sold; also Gold on Norway, New Zealand, Canada and Sweden.

Also, he has participated two times on the TV series "Ally McBeal".