GMTV Chat (With Grobanites!)
March 10, 2003
Josh Groban: Hey Everyone!

cheekymonkie: Hey Josh...

Josh Groban: hey

suzannah: hi

John Bacon: Hi Josh and a very good morning to you

Josh Groban: too

julie107: Hello, Josh. how are you?

Josh Groban: i'm doing pretty well thanks..this was a bit of an early morning.

Animalin: Coming from the warm weather in LA, how are you coping with the European "spring"?

Josh Groban: i'm actually really enjoying it. we don't get adventurous weather in l.a. I love rain!

John Bacon: I would just like to say a big thank you for the song To Where You Are, it was sent to me from the States last year after the passing of my son to a heart condition. It meant a lot to us.

JeSuisLadyM: You have inspired me to sing and now I'm trying to train you know what I should do if I ned to contact someone about singing songs like that with Christian music?

Josh Groban: i'm not really up to speed with the voice teachers here in the UK so i'm sorry i can't help you out in that regard but keep searching and keep singing what you love!!!

carey: hey josh, you have an amazing voice, are u going to be doing any live shows or concerts in london anytime soon?

Josh Groban: thanks carey! i'm just beginning work on the second album in the states and after it's released in october i hope to do some shows here. i'm really looking forward to it!

Heather_Redditch: How are you coping with the sudden rush of female attention? I get the impression that most fans are very respectful, but have you had any offers that made you laugh or wonder about their sanity?

Josh Groban: ooooooh yes. actually your right...most of them are really respectful. i get the odd piece of underwear in the mail every now and then. a girl came to my door once at home. nothing too insane's been really cool.

segolene: Bonjour Josh could you finally give us a clue about the french song(s)?

Josh Groban: i don't even know yet...i love singing in different languages and french is one that i'm definately going to use on the second album but i'm not sure which songs yet, sorry! i'm going to paris on thurs. so maybe i'll find one.

John Bacon: thank you Josh, it has helped alot of us many parents have heard it and thought it a wonderful song.

Josh Groban: thank you again thoughts are with your family.

suzannah: Josh - your music is interesting - different .... what inspires you?

Josh Groban: Interesting and different things. i'm inspired by the storytelling of a taking different styles and incorporating them into one sound, pushing the boundaries, and my family. have to say that.

Deboarah: With respect to Jason, does it bother you at all in any way that your songs are used for reflection during sombre moments.

Josh Groban: Not at all...there are different songs on the album for different moods i think. all i could ask for is that people connect with what i'm's the greatest feeling in the world.

Ronald_Amsterdam: We are all great fans in the Netherlands. As a mother's day present I want to give my wife and mother-in-law tickets to one of Josh's concerts. So I was wondering if Josh has already planned to go on tour in Europe and in the Netherlands in particular?

Josh Groban: hello to all in the Netherlands!! I look forward to visiting and I'll probably do a full concert in the early summer of next year. thanks for asking!!

cheekymonkie: are you recording while you're in Europe...French possibly?

Josh Groban: i like your name, cheeky. i'll be recording in french and i can't wait. it's such a musical language.

Padmina- Thornton He: When I first heard you sing on Ally McBeal I cried. I got your album for my 23rd birthday last week and 'To where you are' is so applicable now as we just lost a close family friend to cancer. When the next album will be coming out + do you plan to write your own songs?

Josh Groban: wow thank you...i'm really sorry to hear about your loss and i'm sorry i made you cry! yes, i hope to at least do some co-writing on the next CD...there are a lot of musical ideas i'd like to try, and happy birthday. mine was a couple weeks ago.

Kimberly69: What made you decide to sing?

Josh Groban: i always loved music...i just didn't know what i'd do i life to express that love. a voice teacher at a school of mine picked me out of a vocal group and had me sing solo. i found my true voice and i never stopped singing. i just know it's something i have to do.

cheekymonkie: I wondered if you have a traveling drum kit to work out your frustrations on the road?

Josh Groban: No!!! i wish!! when i go on tour i'll be able to travel with one but for now i just punch the pillows.

Vada: Josh..I have some friends on the oneline Josh Groban chat..who couldn't get on today..but they all say they wish they could have.

Josh Groban: hey vada! what are their names??

Vada: give me a minute

Guest3: Are you a romantic at heart?

Josh Groban: i think i'm a romantic at heart, yeah.

JubilantJess1ca: josh!! a whole buncha grobanites wanna know..whats ure favorite icecream??

Josh Groban: yay! grobanites! it's definitely coffee. when i had my tonsils taken out EVERYONE sent me coffee was way too much of a great thing.

Heather: I love the songs you performed with The Corrs and Angie Stone - do you plan to work with other great artists on your next album?

Josh Groban: i sure hope so...i've been really lucky to have worked with so many diverse and talented artists. sometimes the least expected collaborations are the most interesting and i've learned a great deal from all of them

Sophia: OK I have never used a chatroom before so I have no idea if this will get to you. I am across the road where you are now and had to just log on to tell you what a rare and beautiful talent you have! Not many artists can make the hairs on my neck stand when they sing. Grathias!!

Josh Groban: thanks! maybe i'll see you on the way out!

sean: What was it like to record with Barbra Streisand - she's such a legend. Were you nervous?

Josh Groban: yes very! i was so incredibly honored to be asked to sing with her. working with her taught me so much..she's such a professional. I just sang and got out of the way to observe.

PistolPete: hi josh your a brilliant vocalist, at what age did you "find" your voice?

Josh Groban: thanks pete! i think i really found my voice at 15 or 16. for guys it's difficult because our voices have to CHANGE and then get settled. it was a weird thing to wake up with a big voice one day.

PistolPete: how many hours of training do you put in to keep your voice perfect.

Josh Groban: i try to take lessons 2-3 times a week and warm up everyday. every performance is different...for instance, this morning i had to be at the studio at 5:30 am so i slept for only a couple hours to keep my voice fresh.

Josh Groban: if i don't make sense you'll know why!

greenevie: Are you aware that some grobanites threw josh-birthday parties and sang "you" happy birthday? come on, admit that they scare you, they scare me too.

Josh Groban: lol. ummmm. actually i think thats really sweet. i heard you all in spirit.

Vada: Denise,Acinomma,Starring3moke,RoccoKittyASJG,weezerbabe107..they all say hi!

Josh Groban: ok...i'm a little short on time so HI ALL!!!!

Beverly: I don't know if this is too personal or not... but everyone at the website is dying to know... did you move out yet, Josh?

Josh Groban: yes, to london. and tomorrow i'm moving out to paris. i'm just kidding...i travel way too much. i'll hopefuly move out next month. my parents take good care of me.

Shelley: Would you ever have gone in for something like Pop Idol?

Josh Groban: no i don' t think so. it's a great show...i'm glad that young people are getting discovered. i just never had that dream of becoming a "pop star"...i have a couple friends that auditioned though!

edith: I was reading about the amazing quilt that fans made for you still have that spread out on your bed?

Josh Groban: if it were on my bed it would be covered in clothes and |C oops, CD' i keep it folded in a safe place.

Acinom12345: Josh- Did you ever get your new car?

Josh Groban: yes i did...i finally got it. it's a beautiful porsche 911. it's keeping me sane at the moment (when i don't have the drums)

julie107: If you woke up tomorrow and you weren't a star, what would you do?

Josh Groban: sing about it.

JeSuisLadyM: Ahhh...I need some inspiration!!! Wot has been the wisest words or phrase that has carried you with encouragement whilst u strove to become a singer?

Josh Groban: wow thats a tough one, ok how about.."I'm a poet.....and I don't even know it...". well, maybe next time. seriously though, the one thing that i've learned is patience...things always happen for a reason.

Vada: Josh,do you have any clue if there is a way to print this all up?My friends are not going to beleive I got up this early to talk to you.It is 4:30am where I'm at..but did I let that stop me..NO.Power to the Grobanites.

Josh Groban: oh my god! thats almost as early as I had to get up this morning!! thanks for getting up! and thanks to everyone else for joining this chat..i've had a great time talking with you all and i hope to meet you all one day soon!!

Josh Groban: i'm currently being told that i have to go back now but thanks again!! your questions were awesome and thank's so much for listening. bye!

monica: Bye Josh!!!

Vada: bye josh

sharon: bye

anoos: BYE!

Guest6: bye josh!

serenstar: bye josh

Animalin: Thanks for taking time out Josh! ((HUGS))

greenevie: bye more 3:30am chats :P do one on American time!

Shaun: keep the music coming