Tanglewood Meet & Greet
Josh's Comments to Grobanites
August 2, 2003
(Thank you to Kay for this transcript)
(These remarks are mostly from my video, however since the video did not catch his ending remarks other sources have been used--other folk had mini video cams--to complete the entire event.)

Josh arrives in golf cart with Brian & David, two HUGE security guys AND a Deputy Sheriff with a gun!!! YIKES!

Lisa: If everyone can take your seat please. Everyone please take your seat.

(Grobie cheers)

Josh arrives at podium, hug & kiss for Lisa.

Lisa: Everybody, Josh Groban (crap, Lisa got to introduce JOSH GROBAN, can you believe it?)

Josh: (from the podium) For the people, by the people . . .

Josh: What a terrifying, terrifying, wonderful night! (wipes forehead) This is overwhelming, this is just, I mean, I love you guys. The love that is pouring out of you guys right now . . . this is insane, this is so great, I can’t believe it. I read the piece in iBerkshires.com, and it is so beautifully written, by the way,

Lisa: That would be me. . .(Grobanites are all motioning in Lisa’s direction)

Josh: (looks at Lisa) Yes, I know -- I know who I’m hugging! (back to the gang in general) I was telling someone else at the rehearsal today, it just so beautifully captures what is so special about you guys and what you guys are able to do and what you guys have done for me and for everyone. (Brian hands Josh a bottle of water) -- wawa, but um it has truly, truly been such an honor and privilege to be finally here at this event I hope to be back someday, and you guys are great. .. . thank you guys for coming -- when you throw a party -- you throw a party! Unbelievable! And I have a funny feeling that there hasn’t just been water been flowing in this tent this evening. . .

Judy: How do you like Massachusetts, isn’t it great?

Josh: Massachusetts is New England. Massachusetts is wonderful – among other places.

Grobie: Josh, nice haircut!

Josh: Thank you. It was a little long a little while ago… and so I got it cut. I’ve been traveling a lot – did you say nice shave? (laughing) There’s a story. . . some of you like it?

Grobie: Excuse me, Josh? Um, I love you!

Josh: I love you. Thank you, thank you – anybody else?

(Grobie cheers)

Josh: Wait… I have to explain a shave. I landed here just—Grizzly Adams—just complete unkept

Grobies: We like that to. . .

Josh: . . . just completely unkempt. No. Not appropriate for Tanglewood. No. …and um, I have an electric raiser that I use. You know, I’m a 2-year old, I can’t shave with a big man razor so…

Grobie: So do I-- it’s OK.

Josh: Good. But I’m learning it – today and yesterday, I shaved like a big boy. Down with the grain. Brian Avnet . . .

Mary: Hi Brian.

Brian: First of all, you don’t know how overwhelming it is for us to see you all here and what you mean to us. As you know we try to keep track of you…..

(notice Josh looking down? This is where 4-year old, Robyn McCabe, ran up and hugged his left leg; and then Lisa introduces Josh to her other children and Josh shakes their hands)

Grobie: We love you Brian.

Brian: But to have your support and to know you guys were going to be here, it meant the world to us. I want to bring up David Romano to say something . . .

David: There’s just one thing I want to ask you, how did you like Love Affair?

(Grobie cheers) (Josh raises his eyebrows, kinda rolls his eyes)

David: I think he needs to record that. (Josh laughs)

(Grobies cheer)

Josh: (in a squeaky voice) thank you David . . .

David: Support!

Josh: yes, Support!

Chris: Josh, how was the beach? You wrote you were at the beach on Father’s Day

Josh: Oh I was. The beach was beautiful. The beach was just beautiful. It’s getting to that point now – we stayed at this really kinda cool resort there we’d never been to before, it was kinda chi-chi. We were there with the whole family. And it was like every time I called down like to get laundry or order some cereal or something--, “when are you performing” (Josh looks sheepish) [stuff missed here we cannot pick up]

Judy: Are we all invited to the open house at your new penthouse?

Josh: (pantomimes counting) I don’t think we could fit. (motions to the left half of the tent) just this half over here. (Grobie cheers) (motions to right half of tent) And this half the next night.

Grobie: Competition!

Josh: Yes

Grobie: How’s Mom & Dad?

Josh: Mom & Dad are great. They are so heart broken they couldn’t be here tonight, but . . . no, no they’re not here tonight-- nope they’re not here. They had –Chris is getting prepared for college and very excited --everyone is so excited, and so …

Grobie: Is Grandma happy?

Josh: Grandma is good. Grandma is great. Absolutely, she’s wonderful. She shot me an email the other day – we’ve got her all wired up now. Yeah…

Grobie: What’s her board name?

Josh: I’m sorry?

Grobie: What’s her board name?

Josh: Oh (laughs) her board name? I gotta to set her up with there, she’d be very popular – it started out with “oh, I don’t like these things” and now I’m like, the subject is “Wha’s up?” You know… But um. . . balloons, thank you, the balloons blue and white, very nice, very, very nice

Chris: Josh, yeah to Linkin Park. . .

Josh: Yeah, well maybe we’ll see. You know it’s-- the next album we’re working on it right now which is fine we’re flying home really early tomorrow morning, but it’s really long where I’ve been in the studio every single day, all night long, so it’s nice to take this break…

Grobies: Awwwww,

Josh: I know (laughs) Awww… Can you see the sweat? I’m tired…I’m tired…

Kay: We appreciate it though Josh.

Josh: Good! No believe me it’s quite apparent now that the energy in this tent is the energy of the entire audience tonight.

(Grobies cheer, Josh laughs)

Josh: Does that say Winona on it?

(A vase of roses on the podium stage gets knocked over and everyone picks them up. That’s me you hear saying, “it’s OK, don’t worry about it”)

Grobie: Josh? Would you like a preview?

Josh: Yes? Would I like preview? Of? Oh, of the New Amsterdam Theatre. Oh, I took a tour for Chess! I have got a lot that I am working on right now -- the score for Chess. Woohoo! Right now I’m learning the full score to Chess. That’s a doosie—you guys for music, its like, it goes everywhere, so …recording the new album. . . Sorry? (sings a few notes of Anthem) (shakes his finger) It’s got a great song called Anthem that I really enjoy singing. My December, among other things, there will be a lot of stuff that I hope you really will like… (Josh notices a fan making a hand gesture and shouting out “Linkin Park!” He imitates the hand gesture and repeats “Linkin Park!”) Anyway…(smiles)…Yes?

Brem: I’ve got a picture of you when you were 10 years old.

Josh: (points) I know you! (waves Brem up front) (Big Hug!) Wow! (Laughs at pic). Brem Stoner, ladies & gentlemen. We went to a camp a little farther east from here, called camp Winona, that was just a….called Winona actually and a … (Brem and Josh pose for pictures)

Connie: he posts Josh, he posts, we know him.

Brem: Yeah

Josh: Yeah, when we were ten years old; canoed and we shot rifles and chased a bat and ate terrible, terrible food. (To Brem) It is great to see you again… (as Brem heads back to the audience)

(Josh looks to his left. Casey McCabe is addressing him.)

Casey: I admire your singing. I love singing and I hope to be as good as you when I grow up.

Josh: She… This is so cute, she’s--you’re an aspiring singer? How long have you been singing?

Casey: For as long as I can remember.

Josh: That’s a long time,--, I can’t remember before 13 though so . . . That’s great! Well, continued success to you. Thank you for wearing such – Wow! – what’s that word they used at TGI Friday’s when they wear all the buttons? What is that?

Grobies: Flair

Josh: Flair. Flair is definitely, definitely rocking on this girl right here.

Kay: Josh, that’s Casey, Lisa’s daughter, can she have a picture with you?

Josh: Yes, let’s have a picture. (Josh steps from behind the podium and poses with Casey.)

Lisa: I want prints people!

(Josh and Casey hold the pose-- Lisa’s twin boys, Terry & Brian, put bunny ears behind Josh’s head -- when he realizes what they’re doing, he leans down into their hands—so freakin’ sweet).

(Josh exhanges a couple words with Lisa and her kids and returns to the mic. His attention is taken by someone to his right.)

Josh: Oh yeah, Hi Reilly. (Josh talks off camera and comes back) So the marriage to Reilly at thirty for her is set.

(Josh & Brian hold up Robyn for a picture.)

Josh: There’s a squiggly face on her leg! (referring to his signature smiley which was made into a temporary tattoo – by me!) (Brian, Robyn and Josh pose with Josh pointing to the tattoo. As they finish, Robyn lays her head on Josh’s shoulder.)

Grobies: Awwwwwwww!

Josh: She’s SO cute!

(Josh looks around and notices that everyone has the tattoos on everywhere. He points this out on several…)

Josh: Oh, that’s great! For the next performance, I’ll have one right here. (and he puts his hand to his forehead.)

Josh: Sorry….absolutely! (Josh and Reilly pose for pictures.)

Josh: Yes…Oh, I forgot when my…. I don’t even know when dinner is tonight. Oh, I’m being pulled but…. You guys are such an inspiration! I can’t believe that you guys all showed up like this….serious … just so inspiring, so wonderful! And I love you guys so much. Thank you for coming, and I’ll see you at the next one! Thank you!

(Josh departs in the golf cart full to brimming with large men)