Veckans Vimmel
Swedish Tabloid Interview
Issue 2, 2004
By Poppe Linge
(Thanks to Malin Eklund for this translation)
Popular Josh Groban is single.

"I absolutely want to have children and a family within a few years."

His debut album sold over 5 million copies and by doing that he became one of the world's best selling male artists in 2002. Josh Groban has been called the male Celine Dion. A comparison he has mixed feelings about since he hates to be compared to others. Talking to Veckans Vimmel he tells that he wants to have children, get married and the he would consider dating Victoria "Posh" Beckham.

How has the success with your debut album effected your as an artist?
"I am, of course, really happy that so many appreciate the music and that makes it easier to continue to make new albums. It's a challenge to get the chance to write music myself and it's fun that by writing music you get the possibility to develop as an artist."

Do you feel an enormous pressure to do as well with your second album as you did with your first?
"I always pressure myself. I think that it is a good thing to do, as long as it doesn't get too exaggerated."

Your first single from the new album is called "You raise me up". Is that because you are a bit childish and in need of some parenting or is it a kinky side of you that shines through?
"(Laugh) Yeah, well, that was also a way to interpret the lyric. But to me the song is a celebration about daring to be who you are and to those who helps you to be that; family, friends and God. The title means a lot.

Talking about parenting, would you like to have children in the future?
"I absolutely want to have children and a family within a few years."

Are you single now?

Are you a romantic?
"Yes, I think I could say that I am. (Laugh)"

Your name, Josh, is pretty similar to "posh" Have you ever thought about kicking Victoria "Posh" Beckham out and take over David, since he probably can't tell the difference?
"Laugh" You might be right, but if they were to divorce I would prefer to date Posh. She is definitely more attractive, prettier and most of all; a woman. Which I prefer."

…and if Posh and you got a kid you could name it Gosh.
"A very good suggestion."

What do you say to the people who rejects your music?
"I don't force anyone to listen to my music. Of course I want as many as possible to like what I do; but not everyone will. To those who still don't like my music after listening twice, I can't give any other suggestion then not to."

You could tell them to "get lost."
"True, I could. (Laugh)"

You have been called "the male Celine Dion". Do you find it flattering or humiliating?
"I have heard a load of comparison and that was one of them. I don't like being compared what so ever. But if someone has to compare you, I think Celine Dion is ok, since I think she is a fantastic artist."

Since you like Posh better then David Beckham, and don't mind Celine Dion; you could conform a new Spice girl and call yourself "Posh, Josh and Dosh"?
"(Laugh) That is a fantastic idea. You should be my Scandinavian agent, cause you seem to have very good and fresh marketing ideas. I will give you a call next time I am here and we can sit down and toy with all good ideas."