Josh Groban Imposes Classical Pop in the United States
La Gaceta
January 2004
(Thanks to sweetamy for this translation)
The singer is at the top of the music popularity chart list.

His recent production,"Closer",reached the first place in its ninth week.

The singer and actor Josh Groban reached the top of the music popularity chart list(and the album sales) in the United States,for the first time,when his recent production,"Closer",rose ten places,to the first place,in its ninth week.

The sales of Reprises Records collection increased a 34% percent (110,000 copies) at the end of the week(Jan.11th),for a total of almost 2 million copies in the United States,according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The outbreak on Groban´s sales,proving the power of the minority mass,could be largely attributed to last week´s Target marketing campaign.Groban was the vital piece of the sale,that allowed to buy 2 CD´S for 20 dollars.

Groban is an American baritone singer,who is just 22 years old,and has an incredible voice.He´s very well-known in the United States,and has many fans called "Grobanites".

His debut CD is triple platinum in the United States,and the more known songs of the album are "You´re Still You" and "To Where You Are".

In Argentina,he became very well-known after he participated as an actor on the successful TV show "Ally McBeal".