Phone Interview With Josh
WBR Taiwan
January 2004
(Thanks to radiants76 for the translation)
Just after Christmas and the New Year, Josh is now busy with promoting his new album. He takes several days off during the New Year, and WB Taiwan has a telephone interview with him. Speaking of his New Year's resolution, Josh is very happy to say, "My New Year's resolution is to continue doing what I am doing, and visit places I've never been before. I wish I could see you guys soon. Taiwan is a beautiful place, and I am planning to go there and promoting my album. I don't know how to express my thanks to my fans' support. Taiwan is in my schedule, and I can't wait to take care of all the things here [in the US] so I can go visit. Believe me, I am really thinking about visiting Taiwan!"

Besides expressing his wish to visit Taiwan, he also talks about his impression on the countries or cities that he's been to. Josh says, "Paris has always been my favorite city in the world. I was touched to be able to walk on those beautiful streets. To be able to perform there helps me to gain some more musical inspiration. So I was very happy to be there, it's a very romantic city. And I sing a lot of romantic songs, so everything fits perfectly.

When being asked of what type of girl he likes, Josh is a little shy: "I always thought that if I had a specific type of girl in mind, then I would like this type of girl. But in reality, if I like this girl, then this is the type of girl that I like. I think the type of girl I like is always changing. I believe in love at the first sight, but I think it's only an attraction between two people at that specific moment. I don't know…I've had my love at the first sight, but as time went by the love faded. Wait…wait…let me say it again. No…I don't believe in love at the first sight. I think you can be attracted by someone at the first time you meet them, but to be in love with someone, you'll have to know more about them.

When starting to discuss about his music, the shyness is gone and Josh displays his professionalism. He says, "The people or musicians who inspire my singing are Paul Simon, James Taylor, Bjork, Sting, the great classical vocalist Pavarotti…um, I think they are the singers and musicians who combine different cultures and music and make it their own. They have inspired me to do what I am doing now. I am thrilled to be able to work with so many other great musicians, and I think the greatest collaboration comes from the least expected. I would love to work with Celine Dion again, record some songs together, and I'd love to work with people with different musical style, like some bands. Such as Coldplay, Radiohead…I think it'll make my music even more fun."

Speaking of hobbies, Josh looks very quiet and not very athletic. However, his favorite leisure time activity is sports. He says besides music, he often plays soccer and video games. "I think I am a very athletic person, I watch a lot of sports, and I love sports. I think soccer is my one of my favorite sports, and I also like tennis. I'd love to learn to play golf, because I think it's a great excuse to be able to relax for 3 hours and not doing anything. But I am really bad at it, so I don't have a chance to do so. But I like sports. I also like to do something to relax myself, such as video games. Other than that, I play musical instruments. I play piano and drums when I have free time. Music is the thing I do the most often."