Josh Groban: A Diamond in the Rough
French Review of "Closer" CD
(Thanks Line [GoofyJosh] for the transcript)
Josh Groban. Keep this name in mind. Simply cause he’s the best in his category, the best. Josh Groban is a young American who has his head full of dreams. In 2001 he gives us his first CD, simply called Josh Groban, (including the superb “Alejate” “Let Me Fall” or else “To Where You Are”) In 2004 comes his second CD, Closer, inside which we’ll discover some great surprises. There is evidently superb melodies (“Mi Morena”, “Si Volvieras A Mi” or “Oceano) but furthermore he interprets superbly some covers like “L’Hymne À L’Amour” (by none else than Edith Piaf…an icon in French music, no less than that!) and “Caruso”, or a song written by Lara Fabian in her first English CD, “Broken Vow.” One would think that I’m trying to sell this product. But that’s not exactly it. I’m selling a divine artist as well as a great man. In his last CD, Josh Groban is inviting us to penetrate inside of this universe that is the creation of an album. We travel with him through countries and songs while learning some more about this quality performer forged by tenderness and simplicity.

Josh’s voice is a pure blending between softness of lyricism and power of variety. For the purists know that this baritone has astounding sharp notes and an incredible vibrato. Enough to make so-called singers or amateur technicians envious of that voice (and I know what I’m talking about) Josh Groban also has more famous duets than most music stars: Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, Barbra Streisand, Charlotte Church. He also interpreted the soundtrack (note here it was only a song) of Steven Spielberg movie and sang for the American National Anthem for the Superbowl in 2001 in front of an audience of more than 170 million viewers. That simply gathers respect.

Josh Groban is an incredible artist that you absolutely have to discover.