Josh Groban: Simply Irresistable Video
July 18, 2004
(Thanks to IamAmazed for this transcript)
(DQ is Denise Quan the CNN correstpondent)

Opens with clip from YRMU video.

DQ -"He's selling seats faster than you can say Ozfest.

Josh being interviewed on red carpet at Hollywood Bowl - "we just finished 45 sold out dates and we're getting ready for 26 more"

DQ - "and with his moptop hairdo, he could easily pass for a member of the hipster band the Strokes"

Josh at AOL rehearsal - "my influences are world music, rock and pop and, you know, everything in between"

Clip of Josh in France with Deep Forest.

DQ - "at 23, Josh Groban is not a rock star (shows fans buying merchandise at a concert). He's a traditional pop star, as in the kind your mother likes. but here's the catch - your sister, your wife or your girlfriend are probably falling in love with him too!"

Interviews with fans - "His voice is beautiful. He's got a beautiful voice. We just really enjoy his voice. He's got the look for it and he's definitely got the (dont know what she says there). Here's my mom, and she's loves Josh, to death!"

Clip of Josh at AOL rehearsal.

DQ - "We're here in CA at the Santa Monica airport but inside the hangar, the only thing that is soaring is the voice of JG. We caught up with the LA native during rehearsals for the 2nd leg of his 1st ever tour. He also headlines Broadband Rocks for AOL"

Josh - "Broadband slightly rocks in my case"

DQ - "Groban sings mostly in English but dabbles in Italian French and Spanish"

Josh - "everytime I take on a song in another language, there's a ton of homework that goes into it and I know what I'm singing - every single line, I study exactly wht the song means"

Next they show an awesome clip of him playing the synthesizer during rehearsals - it's even more amazing than the show!

DQ - "But his tast is far from highbrow.He's raised eyebrows with a cover of a song by rock groug Linkin Park"

Josh - "we added an 80 piece orchestra to it so it knid of had a real orchestral rock feel"

DQ - "well maybe they'll do a cover of one of your songs"

Josh - "hey, that'll be the day" laughs, "we'll see".

Clip of January in American Wedding.

DQ - "One of groban's biggest fans is actress JJ, costar in American Wedding and ex-girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher.

DQ to Josh - "So now you're a big pop star.."

Josh - "oh yeah (laughs)"

DQ - "you're doing the pop star thing, dating actresses"

Josh - " oh, thats...well, no, Janaury and I met at a party, almost a year ago now, and um, we just clicked right away".

DQ - "Both albums are platinum but Grammy gold has been more elusive".

Josh (at HB) - "Im 23 now and it's just..I've got all the time in the world for that kind of thing, I've got many goals"

Finished with a clip of Un Amore per Sempre from AOL rehearsal.