Breakfast With Mark & Kim
KOST-FM, 103.5, Los Angeles
September 8, 2004

Mark: Southern California’s KOST 103.5. It’s the reason we are here. It’s the incredible voice of Josh Groban in a special Breakfast With Mark & Kim. With KOST 103 listeners coming from all over Southern California to be here to … NOT see him!

Kim: (laughs) But you know what? You heard the song and not a dry eye in the place! Why does his music affect us that way?

Mark: He sings like an angel.

Kim: Yeah, it does seem…

Mark: I gotta tell ya, he’s got a little devil in him somewhere, don’t you think? Don’t ya hope?

Audience: Yes

Mark: Yeah. Yeah. Well, you guys we’ve got people listening all over the world as far away as Singapore online right now waiting for Josh Groban to come into our KOST 103 studios and his manager Brian’s outside …

Kim: And we’ve been waiting. (laughter) We’re waiting for the word. But you know, Los Angeles traffic.

Mark: What…Can you guys stay at least an extra hour?

Audience: (laughter)

Mark: No, no, no. I…

Audience: We can stay all day!

Mark: All day? Really? Is this what happens? How many jobs have you had in the last three years because of running around with Josh Groban? You guys, I mean, I don’t know what’s going on. I mean, he’s supposed to be here.

Kim: We’re just waiting patiently, just…Check it out, Mark!

Mark: Look who’s here!

Audience: (cheers)

Kim: Hey, there he is! Oh, yes!

Mark: Josh, come on up into the…Welcome to the KOST Café. Don’t trip over the wire here, and then grab yourself a microphone right there.

Kim: Hi, Josh!

Josh: How are you?

Kim: Good to see you!

Josh: Nice to see you too!

Kim: He’s got the most beautiful brown eyes! Doesn’t he? Look at that!

Josh: I ran!

Mark: Yes you did.

Kim: (laughs) You ran.

Mark: Well, sit down, Josh.

Josh: Okay.

Mark: Thank you so much for being here.

Josh: It’s great to be here.

Mark: You’re obviously on concert tour. The whole thing is completely sold out. You’re keeping like real musician hours where you stay up until…

Josh: (laughs)

Mark: Seriously, what time would you…

Josh: This is my bedtime right now, actually.

Kim: Oh, not all night long!

Josh: No. Well, actually, you know, my bedtime on tour is usually like three in the morning and then I’ll get up at 1:30 and take a shower and go to sound check. Mark: I’m sorry. Did Josh Groban just say his “bed time”?

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: Yeah, I know. Tucked in, (couldn’t understand).

Kim: Well, we thank you for getting up bright and early. You know, Mark and I were saying that we’ve never had an artist create so much excitement in our long time here at KOST 103!

Audience: (cheers)

Josh: Well, that’s great! Thanks, guys! Thank you. It’s great to be here.

Mark: Now, if you’re not as familiar with Josh Groban, stay with us this hour because you’ll fall in love with him like so many around the world have. And, Josh, I mean look at this. I have got a list of cards, these come from, you know, as far away as Singapore.

Josh: Wow!

Mark: And I’m just going to fan them out and let you pick one.

Josh: That’s like a James Lipton stack of cards.

Mark: Oh my gosh, it is! It is kind of like that. Alright, let’s ask a James…what is your favorite curse word?

Josh: Ah…good question.

Mark: No, no, no!!

Josh: (laughs)

Mark: No, I’m sorry!

Kim: Yes!

Mark: But, hold on. Let me fan it out and then we’ll get…Don’t you think we should ask Josh a question here?

Audience: (cheers)

Kim: Yeah, go ahead. Of course, he’s in town Friday and Saturday night this week

Josh: Friday and Saturday night at the Greek Theatre, yeah. I’m very excited.

Audience: (cheers)

Josh: Oh, I hope you guys will all be there, yeah.

Mark: Stay with us because Josh has just bought a new house. We’re going to ask him about, you know, redecorating.

Josh: (laughs) Yeah, or lack of!

Mark: Extreme Home Makeover.

Josh: Yes.

Kim: He got some cinder blocks and put his stereo up on there.

Josh: Yeah, I put together a little man-made box and put some hay on it and I’ve been sleeping on it.

Kim: There you go.

Mark: Now, Josh, just grab one and…

Josh: Okay, I’m going to take this one right here.

Mark: Okay, then uh, let’s have the card and I’ll read it to you.

Josh: Okay.

Mark: Whew!

Audience: (laughter)

Mark: Oh my gosh! Now this is a controversial question.

Kim: Uh oh!

Josh: It is, huh? Alright. Right off.

Mark: This is, uh, I don’t want to say complaining. They’re talking about your devoted fans, but sometimes they’re unable to get the best seats to your concert even when they try to order them through the fan club presale.

Josh: Mmmm. Really? Uh oh.

Mark: And they’re just wondering if you’re aware of that at all.

Josh: You know, I have been certainly aware of it, especially with how fast the tickets have sold. It’s been a blessing and it’s been a curse at the same time because a lot of the times the people that I most want to have the best seats aren’t always in the best seats. We try to control it as much as humanly possible, but sometimes mistakes do happen and uh…

Mark: And I’d like to follow it up with this: Would you want to see the same faces sitting right in the first three rows night after night after night?

Audience: (laughs)

Josh: Well, it’s uh, you know, it depends on the face! But uh…

Mark: Good answer!

Kim: That is true.

Josh: I think, you know, a lot of the times I do see some of the same faces because sometimes I can really only see like the first four rows with the lights and everything and then it’s just darkness. But I’m gonna tour forever and ever and ever. I mean, this has just been the first step for me and it’s taught me so much and I really didn’t know whether I’d enjoy it or not and it turns out it’s just the best time I’ve ever had in my whole life. So, for those people that found…that weren’t able to go to a show or get the best seats, you know, I’m going to be touring constantly, so…

Kim: Keep coming back.

Josh: Keep coming back and keep checking and we’re going to try to make everything as fair as possible.

Mark: It’s Josh Groban right here at Breakfast With Mark & Kim!

Audience: (cheers)


Kim: We are live in the KOST Café on the Mark & Kim Show with the one and only Josh Groban!

Audience: (cheers)

Kim: Yes. Very excited to meet you, and I know people are listening online all over the world.

Josh: Oh, that’s exciting!

Kim: Yeah!

Mark: And the reason that we’re here is to get to know Josh a little bit better. He’ll be here all hour long, and if you have not picked up a copy of his CD, Closer, we want you to just turn the radio up, here this man sing in English, Italian, French, Spanish. It is Josh Groban. Some music from the CD, Closer, here on the Mark & Kim Show on KOST 103.


Mark: Well, there it is! Josh Groban in our KOST 103 Café.

Kim: The Closer CD.

Audience: (cheers)

Josh: Thanks!

Kim: Josh will be in town on Friday and Saturday night at the Greek Theater.

Josh: Yeah, it’s going to be such a pleasure to be there because I’ve gone to shows there all my life and it’s such a great, great theater.

Kim: Yeah?

Mark: What was the first show you saw at the Greek Theater?

Josh: Chris Isaak, actually.

Mark: No kidding?

Josh: Yeah. He put on a great show.

Mark: Okay. Boy! Isn’t he showing his age?

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: (laughs) Well, that was still about five years ago, so…

Mark: And a great artist, there’s no doubt about it.

Josh: He’s incredible.

Mark: I was talking to your manager, Brian. And Brian said, you know it’s really funny because you have sold out all across the country, and he said prior to this tour that you hadn’t sung more than three songs in a row and so with everyone it was like, wow, can this guy get up on stage and can he do 90 minutes, two hours? And, boy, can he!

Kim: Yeah!

Audience: (cheers)

Josh: Well, I think…You know, I had known that I could sing for longer than three songs worth. You know, I’d done, you know when I’m recording in the studio, sometimes I’m singing for eight hours, nine hours at a time.

Mark: Sure.

Josh: But in doing a live concert, you know, anything’s possible. And you can have one great night and sometimes you can have a bad night. But, you know, when you’re doing a concert tour you really can’t have a bad night. It’s just, you have to be…

Kim: Does anyone really believe that Josh has a bad night? Come on!

Audience: (cheers)

Josh: Well…

Mark: Well, what would make a bad night for you? What would determine that for you?

Josh: Before I go on stage, there’s a checklist in my head of things that I want to accomplish whether it’s a certain note in a song or whether it’s a certain energy that I want to create or something, and so I try to check off every one of those objectives during the show, when I’m doing the show, and sometimes I feel like I haven’t checked off every single one of those. But to the audience or to the reviewer or whoever it is, they felt like it was checked off. Sometimes you feel like you did horribly and the reaction is better than you’ve ever had it in your life, and sometimes you walk off stage going, “That was amazing! Why weren’t they clapping?” (laughs)

Kim: Because, nobody can reach the notes that you can reach, you know?

Josh: Well, I just didn’t know what kind of stamina I would have doing a show like this 90 minutes for 85, 86 shows now I think we’ve had…105 before the tour’s over. But, you know, I’ve really trained hard. It’s like preparing for a marathon. You know, it’s not a sprint. And so you have to do the right exercises and really take care of yourself.

Kim: And he’s not drinking tea. You know everyone…most singers drink tea in the morning. No?

Josh: I drink tea occasionally, but orange juice just seemed like it had more sugar, so… (laughs)

Kim: (laughs)

Mark: I want to know. Every singer has “rules of the voice.” You have “the voice.”

Josh: (embarrassed chuckle)

Mark: What are your rules. I mean, it is now complete, your total livelihood.

Josh: Yeah.

Mark: And as the Groban Machine spins, everyone is depending on the voice. It is a huge responsibility to yourself and to other people.

Josh: Sure.

Mark: What are the rules to your voice?

Josh: Well, I mean certainly in the last couple years it has become so much more relevant that I’ve had to take care of it more and more. I mean, the stakes have been raised, and for me I felt like I’ve raised the bar. And it’s just like I have to always make sure, I’m always dictated by it. It’s great, but on the other hand at 23 sometimes you just can’t do the things that other 23-year-olds do. If I’ve got a concert or if I’m on tour and I happen to have a break for a few days back at home, you know, those few days I’ve got to think of as still being on tour. I can’t go out real late. I can’t be around cigarette smoke.

Kim: Rest.

Josh: I can’t, you know, drink or whatever.

Kim: Yell and scream at a football game.

Josh: That’s honestly the thing that would most get me into trouble. You know, sometimes when I’m on the road, I love sports so I’ll try and get to a hockey game or a baseball game or a concert. When I was performing at Ames, Iowa, Aerosmith and I were performing in the same venue, so we went to the Aerosmith concert the night before, and I’ve never done so much silent yelling in my life.

Everyone: (laughs)

Josh: It was just…because he can’t tell the difference. You have 20,000 people yelling.

Kim: (laughing) So you just open your mouth…

Josh: If I just open my mouth and wave my hands in air, he’s going to think, “Oh, great. Thanks. He likes it.” So, the same goes with sporting events. It’s just silent yelling.

Everyone: (laughs)

Mark: You know, I would imagine too if you get in a crowded restaurant, if you are at a party where a lot of times your conversation has to be elevated, that those might be situations that you would find yourself in on the road that you would say, “I’m sorry, I can’t yell very loudly, talk very loudly.”

Josh: Yeah, absolutely. There are definitely times where you are writing on a piece of paper.

Mark: What about your warm-up period for your voice? With as fine a voice as you have, are there exercises that you’ve been taught? You’ve been trained.

Josh: Sure. I study constantly, and my voice teacher, David Romano, is on the road with me a lot and he really helps me keep it really fine-tuned and it’s definitely a regimen, you know.

Mark: What are some of the exercises that you would do for your voice? Scales? I mean, those kinds of things.

Josh: Well, I mean, yeah just scales. It’s really just stretching. It’s really just getting it warmed up. A lot of times when I come to sound check at 4:00 or 4:30 sometimes I’ve only been up an hour or an hour-and-a-half, so a lot of it is just getting the cobwebs out and getting yourself primed. I live for those two hours every night. So, even though the sleeping may sound like crazy, I actually program it so that by the time 8:00, 9:00 rolls around, it’s the perfect time I’ve been up and having been warmed up for a few hours and everything to do a concert. And then, of course, I can’t get to sleep on the bus! But, if the show goes well, it’s all worth it.

Kim: It’s Josh Groban in our studios this morning in the KOST Café. We’ve got more with him coming up. We’ll get to know him a little bit better.


Kim: It’s Breakfast With Mark & Kim and Josh Groban.

Audience: (cheers)

Josh: Hi, everybody.

Mark: Josh is here with us all hour long. We have a fan deck of questions sent in from Josh Groban fans around the world.

Josh: I’ll take another one here.

Mark: Alright, he’s picking a question.

Kim: It’s just like playing Old Maid there when he picks that, isn’t it?

Josh: (laughs) Uno.

Mark: Alright now, here’s the question: Have you ever put on a pair of boxers on your head, and if so did you take a picture?


Josh: What? There were no cameras, I think, allowed in that particular fraternity that night, but no I never…you know what? I think I did put boxers on my head once when I was a little kid, and I’m sure my parents documented it in some way or another but not that I can remember, no.

Mark: Yeah, we’ve got the pictures. Listen, if you ever go to the Los Angeles Zoo, years ago your parents bought a little star for you or some little…

Josh: Yeah, and I was just there actually about a month-and-a-half ago looking for that star. I can’t find it.

Kim: You can’t find it?

Josh: I can’t find it, no. It’s very upsetting.

Mark: Well, we did actually find it and see it.

Josh: Really?

Mark: Yeah and somebody’s got a picture of it somewhere.

Josh: Oh, cool! It’s in front of the koala exhibit. My Mom bought that for me.

Mark: And do you remember? How old were you when your Mom bought that for you?

Josh: I think I was maybe six or so and my Mom used to be a tour guide at the Zoo, and so I had like a zoo outfit that I’d go in and I’d feel all special because she had these keys.

Mark: Alright, well then, obviously a follow-up for that question: Will there ever be something on where your Mom would post that picture of you wearing that little safari outfit? Everybody would like to see that.

Josh: (laughs) It’s possible.

Kim: Mom’s like to embarrass you a little bit.

Josh: Sure, if it can make money for charity or something, sure why not.

Mark: Josh Groban is here with us, and his CD Closer, which he’s out on tour supporting, this is your second album.

Josh: Mmm Hmm.

Mark: And this song that we are going to play, we want you to talk about it, “Remember When It Rained,” because this is a song that really kind of elevates you as a musician because this also is a song that you wrote and played piano on it.

Josh: Right. Mmm Hmm.

Mark: The lyrics are very emotional, Josh.

Josh: Mmm Hmm.

Mark: And I think the obvious question would be, we need names.

Josh: (laughs) Well, I’m not sure I can give any names on this one, but I wanted when working on this song…I mean, this was the first song that I co-wrote ever professionally. I mean, this was…I had gone to France and worked with Eric Mouquet from a group called Deep Forest, and it was a dream come true just to be in their studio and to be sitting down at a piano and sitting down with the laptop and just kind of coming up with a story and coming up with something I wanted to say for the first time.

Mark: Did you hear that? “Coming up with a story.”

Josh: Well…it could be true, you know, but…

Mark: Come on. This has got to be…

Kim: Well, he gets in those magazines once in awhile there, Mark, you know with a different date on his arm.

Josh: Wait a minute. [It’s hard to hear this next part since they’re talking over him; it’s either: 1) I’m in way over my head, sorry. –OR– 2) That went way over my head, sorry.]

Mark: But, Josh…heartache. Talk about romantic heartache you’ve experienced.

Kim: Yeah.

Josh: Well you know, in 23 years sometimes things are way more dramatic than they actually are. But sure, I mean we’ve all…I try to pick songs and I try to relay messages that people can say, “Oh, yeah. That’s how I feel sometimes.”

Mark: So, Josh. Let me focus. When this happened to you…

Josh: (laughs) It was raining. And, uh…

Kim: (laughs) It was raining, and he does remember it.

Josh: (laughs) And I do remember it, very well.

Mark: You know what, you’re right. When you are younger…

Kim: Well, the first love is the deepest.

Josh: Sure.

Kim: You know, the first cut is the deepest.

Josh: Absolutely.

Kim: It’s very true, I think.

Josh: I agree.

Mark: Okay, let’s not let this go.


Mark: On this particular heartache…


Josh: Mmm Hmm

Mark: …what was the terrible thing she did to you?

Josh: (deep breath) You know, it’s, it’s, it’s sad…

Mark: (couldn’t understand, maybe “I’ll get you through.”) Just stay with me; we’ll focus in.

Josh: Thanks, Mark. Yeah, I need a little Kleenex. (sniffs)

Mark: What’s the worst thing that somebody, I mean, you don’t have to name names, but I mean you know, for heartache.

Josh: You know, in any relationship when you feel like there’s a real bond between two people and then all of a sudden somebody that you feel you know so well isn’t so much that person or decides that they’re not that person, anything that makes a relationship go sour can be the hardest thing in the world at that exact moment in time, you know?

Kim: It’s very painful.

Mark: Okay, are you over it yet?

Josh: Oh, yes. (laughs)

Audience: (cheers)

Josh: But I remember.

Kim: Hey, but he got a great song out of it. Here’s Josh Groban on KOST 103, “Remember When It Rained.”


Kim: KOST 103.5, Josh Groban, “Remember When It Rained.”

Mark: Wow!

Audience: (cheers)

Kim: Josh Groban, our special in-studio guest in our KOST Café this morning.

Josh: Thank you for having me.

Mark: Josh, how long did it take you to write that song? I know you came up with the melody and helped with that lyrically.

Josh: Well, Eric…you know, every song is written differently and everything is…for the three songs that I co-wrote on the album they were all done kind of in different ways and for this song it was the first time I had contacted Eric in France, and I said are you working on any melodies? Are there any ideas that you had? You know, let’s work together. And he sent me what was about kind of 50% of the melody, and I listened to it and I thought, oh this has got really kind of a haunting vibe. I really liked the vibe to it, and I said great. Let’s tackle this when I get over there. And so when we went over there, he’s got this studio full of synthesizers and drum machines and everything imaginable. We just sat down at a piano together and started kind of tinkering out the rest. And then he said (Josh adopts a French accent here): “Great. I will work on the production, you go write the lyric.”

Mark & Kim: (saying stuff with French accent)

Josh: (French accent) “Go write the lyric!”


Josh: I said alright! So I got my laptop and I went and came up with the lyric and it just kind of happened very, very quickly.

Mark: Great song. Great song.

Josh: And the whole rest of the time there we worked on “Never Let Go.”

Kim: How well do you play the piano? I mean, are you considered…

Josh: I’m okay. I’m not amazing. I learned to play by ear. I never really took any lessons.

Mark: Would you like to hear Kim play the piano?

Josh: Yes, I would. Any time. You know, we’ll do…

Kim: (laughs) Can you read music? Do you read music?

Josh: I’ve learned to read music.

Kim: Yeah.

Josh: When I first started studying theater and everything, I just did everything by ear. But as I started doing this and getting more into it, it’s something that you have to pick up very quickly.

Kim: Right.

Mark: From the Josh Groban message board, we have people listening online all over the world to Josh Grabin, Groban!

Audience: (laughs)

Josh: Gribling, Brolin! (laughs)

Mark: This is Rainbow…I’m trying to read her name. Although, you know what? Why don’t you people put your real name on there? This is Rainbow Explorer.

Josh: (laughs) I love that show.

Mark: I know, I like that. “Three of your songs—‘To Where You Are,’ ‘Remember Me’ and ‘For Always’—focus on themes of death, dying and grief though obviously with hopeful, soothing, comforting messages. What is it about songs with this theme that draws you to them?” And then, I want to follow up, as a kid was “Dust in the Wind” one of your favorite songs?


Mark: That was mine.

Josh: (laughs) “As a kid” (laughs) Yeah, that was a classic for me, that was…

Mark: No, but there are, those themes do seem to be prevalent. Why are you drawn to them?

Josh: Well, in growing up I’ve always looked at music as the universal language and the universal healer in terms of just what you go to to help you fully understand and express what you’re feeling inside yourself for whatever situation you may be in. And certainly there have been songs that have helped me get through either losing a loved one or relationships or whatever it is, it’s always what you turn to. So, whenever there can be a song that is not just about the grief or the sadness but also a look into the hope and the light in all of it, it’s always very inspiring. And so songs like the ones that she mentioned, “To Where You Are” especially, just kind of took on a life of its own. It kind of went beyond me or the writer or anything else. It just kind of became this song that just connected with so many people. When a song does that, it’s so special and it’s so great.

Kim: Your voice lends itself to it, too, you know?

Josh: Well, thanks.

Kim: You can create like a haunting melody with your…

Mark: You are scary! (laughs)

Josh: (laughs)

Kim: No, I didn’t mean it that way, I just…

Josh: (laughs) I like to take a song and make it frightening!

Kim: No, but when I listen to you, it makes me cry.

Josh: Give me the melody! Ohhhh!!! If it give me the heebie jeebies, I…


Kim: It makes people cry, Josh. That’s what I’m saying.

Mark: And do you, when you’re singing these songs, find yourself getting emotional?

Josh: Oh sure, that’s been the other interesting thing about the tour is I was thinking is it like a Broadway run? Do you just get…does it get stale after awhile? And it’s like new every single time. If I hear the opening of “To Where You Are” I click right into it, and it’s really that way for all the songs. And all the songs I’ve recorded, the first time I heard them it was an immediate, kind of visceral reaction. So when I hear them again or start hearing the openings for them, it doesn’t change.

Mark: You are listening to the Mark & Kim Show with Josh Groban!

Audience: (cheers)

Mark: Our in-studio audience…Back with questions from the studio audience here in just a second.


Kim: It’s Breakfast With Mark & Kim and Josh Groban!

Josh: Hey!

Kim: He’s feeling good this morning.

Mark: We have listeners from all over Southern California that have come in to meet Josh Groban, and it’s so funny because when Josh is speaking the mouths kind of drop a little bit, a lot of whites of the eyes.

Josh: (laughs)

Mark: Rodrigo, we’ve got a question from…yeah, what’s your name?

Guest: My name’s Barbara (last name).

Josh: Hi, Barbara.

Barbara: Hi, how are you?

Josh: Great!

Barbara: I’ve got a quick question. My daughter is performing in Washington, D.C. this weekend.

Josh: Alright!

Barbara: And she wanted me to ask you what you do to prepare so you don’t have stage fright.

Josh: Oh, good question. Well, the first thing I would tell her is that stage fright is extremely normal. It’s something I tackle every single night no matter how much I’m doing this and no matter how large the audience is or how small the audience is, I get very, very scared. I think breathing is the most important thing, off stage and on. Just making sure that you’ve warmed up enough and you know the songs enough so that even when your brain tells you that can’t do it your technique tells you that you can.

Barbara: She’s practicing in her sleep.

Josh: Is she? Good! Practice that song to death because it’s going to be so important because when the nerves do hit on stage and you feel like this is going to be just a major shutdown. You know, this is not going to happen tonight. The fact that you’ve practiced it means that, a little bit, you can just kind of coast it because you’ve, you know…

Mark: We’ve all gotten up in front and maybe had to speak whether at Church or in front of your work and you do have those heebie jeebies. When do they leave you? Is it the minute you finally start, or does it continue while you’re performing for a little while?

Josh: I think, I try to get it to leave me maybe 10 minutes before I go on stage. I have to have just a moment to myself back stage where I can just run around or scream or whatever it is…just hit a pillow or whatever.

Kim: What about forgetting the words? When you do that do you just…

Mark: What about take a shot?


Kim: He can’t do that because of his voice.

Josh: Exactly.

Kim: If you forget the words, do you just go on? I mean, you don’t…do you take it…

Josh: I’ve made up words before.


Josh: I think, yeah I’ve…

Mark: Especially the ones in French where…

Josh: No actually, you know what? No…

Kim: (laughs) No one would even know anyway.

Josh: The ones in the foreign language are actually the ones I remember most. It’s the English songs that sometimes I’ll just make up a word or two and it’s interesting.

Kim: Oh, that’s funny!

Mark: And what’s your name?

Lam-Sing (?): Lam-Sing (last name)

Mark: Hi, Lam-Sing. How are you?

Josh: Hi.

Lam-Sing: Hi, Josh. I love you more even now.

Josh: I love you more too. Thank you.

Lam-Sing: You were so great on Ally McBeal. I was wondering if you see any more acting in your future?

Josh: Well, thanks! I had an amazing time on Ally McBeal. That was such a fun experience because it was so out of my element. I hadn’t really done except for theater acting anything professional in the acting world, and I had such a great time and the cast was so wonderful to work with and it was so great to kind of get out of the music thing for a little bit that yes I would love to do some more acting. I think that there’s a lot of similarities between acting and music and singing and so it would be fun. I’m reading a bunch of scripts right now, and if the right time came I would love to do some more film or maybe theater even.

Kim: Oh!

Mark: You are listening to the Mark & Kim Show with Josh Groban. And, Josh, what kind of scripts are coming your way that…I mean, here it is. We’re in tinsel town right here.

Josh: I know, we are, so

Mark: People…you say, “Yeah, I’m reading scripts,” and that means there are 50 scripts that just got heard right now and said, “Ah! I’m going to send them to Josh!”

Josh: Well, sure. Some of them are real possibilities that I feel like this is something I could tackle because I don’t want to choose something that I think would be over my head. I’d want to pick the right role and the right part.

Mark: Would you play, oh I don’t know, a singer?

Josh: (laughs) It depends on the role. I get asked a lot do you have anything against singing in a movie or not singing in a movie.

Mark: Maybe Kevin Costner could be a Bodyguard to…

Kim: There you go. You never know.

Josh: (laughs) …carry me around.

Mark: This is the…you know, it’s ’04. We could go ahead and do that. We’re comfortable.

Josh: You know, anything’s possible. But you know, some of them are real possibilities and some of them are just entertaining reads.

Kim: We’ve got another question in the back there.

Lonnie: My name’s Lonnie (last name).

Mark: Hi, Lonnie.

Lonnie: Hi, guys!

Josh: Hi.

Lonnie: Love to be here. Thanks for inviting us. Josh, have you ever sung in a complete opera, and if not are you going to?

Josh: I have not ever sung in a complete opera.

Mark: He needs to eat.


Kim: Now, that’s funny!

Josh: (laughs) I, um, I’m waiting a little bit to do the opera.

Mark: Give me another 200 pounds and I’m all over it!

Josh: Exactly! I’m working on this breakfast plate first. But you know the opera thing, I’ve loved opera so much and um…

Mark: You are so weird.


Josh: I know! (laughs)

Mark: What 23-year-old loves opera?

Josh: I loved opera when I was 14, 15. Yeah.

Mark: Isn’t that interesting? I find that…

Kim: Did your parents play it around the house?

Josh: You know, they did, and they introduced me to a lot of it. You know growing up in Los Angeles which is just such a melting-pot of so many different cultures and…

Kim: The opera capital of the world! (laughs)

Josh: (laughs) No, it’s certainly not the opera capital of the world, but you know the L.A. Opera had tons of productions coming through and so you know they would introduce me to classical music and opera and they would take me to youth programs at the L.A. Philharmonic. And so it was something that I was very much interested in and I had such a great respect for it that I’ve kind of wanted to wait a little bit actually to start doing the opera.

Kim: But you know when you talk about opera and how heavy people used to do opera, how does that weight affect singing?

Josh: (laughs)

Kim: I mean really.

Josh: Well, I think more and more if you flip through an Opera News or something you see more and more people that are really…

Mark: Show of hands: how many flip through Opera News? Okay? Show of hands. (laughs)


Josh: I just totally just geeked out there for a second.


Josh: Okay, so I flip through Opera News every once in awhile just to catch up on what’s going on.

Mark: Hey, by the way, did you hear what singer is sleeping with what singer.


Josh: Yeah, exactly! In my pad you’ll find a Maxim and an Opera News.

Mark: Go straight to the opera gossip page!

Josh: But I think that more and more people are realizing that your health is important for your voice. There are…certainly there have been a number of large singers and it hasn’t affected their voice one iota, but I think that being healthy’s best.

Kim: One more question there, Rodrigo.

Lourdes: Hi, Josh.

Kim: What’s your name?

Lourdes: My name is Lourdes (last name).

Josh: Hi, Lourdes.

Lourdes: Hi, Josh. I love your voice.

Josh: Thank you! I love your shirt.

Lourdes: Oh, thank you very much!

Rodrigo: Hold on, before anything. Her hand is shaking and it’s clammy.

Josh: No.

Rodrigo: Relax there!

Josh: Don’t shake.

Mark: Would you like to come up here and hug Josh?

Josh: Come here!


Kim: Oh! (laughs) She knocked Rodrigo down!

Rodrigo: Oh my God, help!

Mark: Wow! That’s great! And there’s a little side movement here. Okay, okay.

Rodrigo: Geesh!

Kim: She’s sweet. He’s giving her a big hug.

Rodrigo: My Gosh!

Mark: Oh, and now she wants a picture.

Kim: Here goes the cameras. That is so sweet.

Mark: Oh, geeze, here it goes. And she got the picture even! Fantastic!

Rodrigo: You guys! I’m injured!

Josh: That was smooth!

Mark: Okay, now, I’m sorry. What were we doing here?

Kim: What was her question?

Mark: Oh! She was going to ask a question.

Rodrigo: Uh oh! You mean, you just didn’t want to knock me over, right?

Lourdes: (hard to hear, maybe “Oh my goodness.”)

Mark: Are you okay, Lourdes?

Lourdes: (laughing) Yes.

Josh: We were almost dancing there for a second.

Lourdes: I just would love to know what high school did you attend and what college did you go to?

Josh: Wow!

Mark: Are you kidding me?

Kim: That’s it?

Lourdes: (laughs)

Josh: I graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.

Audience: (cheers and applauds)

Josh: It’s a great, great school on the campus of Cal State Los Angeles, and it’s a public school with an audition-based arts program and it’s the place where I really, really developed such a love for arts education and had so many great friends that I still have today. And then I wound up getting accepted to Carnegie Mellon University for musical theater which has an amazing theater program and then just got a little side-tracked but I hope to go back to school.

Mark: You know what? I think it’s a tragedy with the cut backs in education today that so much of the arts has been removed from our curriculum.

Josh: It is.

Mark: If you think about this, and you know you’re right about the performing arts high school in Los Angeles which I’m fortunate enough to know a couple of kids who are going there right now that are very, very talented. Could you imagine having this guy’s talent lost because you didn’t get the education and stuff wasn’t offered? I mean, thank God for your Mother and your Father who recognized a talent.

Josh: Oh yeah, absolutely, they were so supportive right away. And you’re so right about the fact that arts programs all over the state and the country are being cut at such an alarming rate. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to be spokesperson to Music Matters which is the program with the L.A. Phil to raise awareness for arts education. Because at LACHSA, the L.A. County High School for the Arts, we all came from so many different backgrounds, we all had different arts that we loved, but we all had one kind of light at the end of the tunnel which was the arts and we all became friends because of it. And whether we did it professionally or not, some of us wanted to do it professionally, some of us just wanted to do it because we needed to express ourselves, but it was so important.

Mark: And the thing is though that those with you that you went to school with that aren’t going to be professionals and have the success that you have, that their exposure to the arts that they’ll pass on to their kids…who knows what we’ve got waiting in the future for us?

Josh: Absolutely.

Mark: It’s Josh Groban here on the Mark & Kim Show. Stay with us. More music with Josh Groban on the way here at KOST 103.


Kim: KOST, Los Angeles.

Mark: We’re Mark & Kim. It’s breakfast with Josh Groban!

Josh: Yummy!

Kim: And everybody’s brought out their camera phones now. (laughs)

Josh: Yeah, I hear the camera phones making that fake camera noise. It’s great.

Mark: You know what? It’s a good thing it’s not like a phaser, Start Trek, you know?

Josh: (laughs)

Mark: They make cell phones the same shape as those things.

Josh: You can program them to do anything.

Mark: We’re grateful for that. Everybody doing okay? I mean this is a pretty special experience.

Kim: Yes, we’re getting to know Josh a little bit. And, you know, you travel. You’re on tour. You’re going to be here at The Greek Friday and Saturday night.

Josh: Mmm Hmm.

Kim: When you travel with people, do you consider the people that work with you friends, coworkers, employees? I mean, how close do you get to people on the road?

Josh: I mean, they’re all friends and they’re coworkers. I mean, you become so close with them because they’re all that you see on a day-to-day basis. You’re living out of each other’s pockets. And I’ve been so fortunate on a work level to have so many incredible, talented…just, there so into it these people. And so…but on a friendship level, we hang out all the time.

Kim: Now, do you fly the girlfriend in?

Josh: Yeah, I do. I absolutely do. January comes in as often as she can. She’s off sometimes on locations and it’s hard. But we’ve actually really lucked out. Our schedules have worked out.

Mark: When are you guys getting married?

Josh: (laughs)

Kim: He’s 23, Mark!

Mark: That’s a legitimate question. Listen, your mother is wondering too.

Josh: Not for a very, very, very long time…but uh…

Mark: Great.

Kim: You know, a lot of people are getting married young today.

Josh: They are. They certainly are. I read about it in US Weekly all the time.


Josh: You know, we all know how that story ends.

Mark: Alright, Josh, you do. You have these intense relationships with these people that you work with. There’s gotta be one though. If you had to replace one person on your team.

Josh: What?!! (laughs)

Kim: Who are you going to fire this weekend?

Mark: If there was just one person?

Kim: You can’t ask him that.

Mark: Out of everybody you know, right now who would get replaced? Who needs to sharpen his skills?

Josh: The caterer, for sure!

Kim: Oh!!

Mark: Alright! There you go!

(ringing a bell)

Josh: Catering sucks!

Mark: Gladstones Malibu then! That’s who we need to get on the road.

Josh: Gladstones Malibu definitely needs to come on tour.

Mark: Really sometimes, I would assume, do you have one of those clauses in your contract that, you know, “pull out the green M&Ms”?

Josh: No! (laughs) My dressing rooms are so bare.

Mark: Is there anything unique that you ask for that maybe is something special to Josh Groban on these concert tours?

Josh: Um, my rider basically just has bottled water and potato chips, and I don’t even eat the potato chips.

Kim: Josh, Josh, Josh!

Josh: So I don’t know…I don’t…

Kim: Think Opera Diva!

Josh: I know.

Kim: You need to work on that a little bit.

Josh: It’s true.


Mark: I’ve got a couple of things.

Josh: Sure. You tell me.

Mark: I think you need a masseuse.

Josh: Oh! You know that’s…

Mark: You know, a couple of hours before the show (Mark starts snapping his fingers here) you get that stage fright thing starting to work up, you know you…

Kim: That might make him fall asleep or something.

Josh: That’s a good idea. Yeah, real loose performance.


Josh: That’s a…

Mark: Walk out… (laughs)

Josh: That’s a good time. (super-relaxed voice) “How you all doing?”

Mark: This is why Brian is his manager and not me.

Josh: (laughs) Yeah.

Mark: Alright, very good. His CD Closer which is out right now, we played a selection of songs from it earlier in our broadcast this morning as Josh Groban visits us here. And this is the final cut on the CD that is out in the stores.

Josh: Right.

Mark: There is another CD that was available…

Josh: Yes.

Mark: …at…

Josh: Mmm Hmm.

Mark: …which has some additional cuts.

Josh: Right.

Mark: But “Never Let Go” put you with a very unique musician that maybe you’ve heard of, or not, a group called Deep Forest.

Josh: Right. Yeah. This was a real collaboration with the both of them. There’s Eric and Michel from Deep Forest. And this was a situation where we had finished “Remember When It Rained” and I said, you know what, let’s take it way far left. Let’s go in a different direction. You know, don’t be afraid to make it…classical-sounding or whatever you think of me, whatever you think of vocals, whatever, just throw it out the window and let’s create a song that you would normally do.

Mark: And this has some great energy to it. It’s a wonderful song.

Josh: And it wound up being some of the most fun we had in the recording studio. It happened very, very quickly. It started, actually…the melody for the song started with him playing a chord and I would just improvise into the microphone on it on “Ah.” You know (sings) “ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” and that’s the beginning of the song, and then eventually that…

Josh: (laughs)

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: …eventually—(in a deep voice) frog in the throat…

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: …and eventually that improvisation became the melody for the verse, and then we started to do the lyric and so…

Kim: Well, let’s hear it here on the Mark & Kim Show. “Never Let Go.” It’s Josh Groban on the KOST.


(as the song finishes people can be heard talking in the background)

Kim: KOST 103.5. We are having so much fun this morning.

Josh: (laughs)

Audience: (cheers)

Kim: Breakfast With Mark & Kim and Josh Groban.

Josh: Taking pictures, and…

Audience: (cheers)

Kim: “Never Let Go” the name of that tune.

Mark: Pick up the CD Closer. It is wonderful, beginning to end.

Josh: Thanks.

Mark: He sings in four languages, and one question was do you understand all those languages that you’re singing in? Do you speak them fluently?

Josh: Well, I certainly understand them. When I take on a song in another language there’s a ton of homework that goes into it before I even go in front of the microphone.

Mark: So you make sure that they’re not putting any dirty words in there.

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: Absolutely.

Mark: It’s not your first language.

Josh: It could happen, but the languages are so musical themselves that…

Mark: Love is amazing in Italian and Spanish and French.

Josh: It is. It’s true. And sometimes when you translate it back into English, just because it’s my first language, you know, it gets lost in translation. The poetry of it. The musicality of it. Even though some people might not understand everything that I’m singing, they feel it that much more. And so it’s very important to me to really learn it.

Mark: Josh Groban is going to step outside and he’s going to be going on television on Channel 11 here pretty soon. Keep it here on KOST 103. We’ll be back with Josh Groban. You’ll also be able to see him on Channel 11 here in a little bit.

Kim: Yeah.

Mark: But we…what are going to do? We’ve got to do something.

Josh: Let’s have a hoedown!


Mark: You know what? No. We’re going to mysteriously walk in front of the camera.

Josh: (laughs)

Kim: Oh! There here to see Josh, Mark.

Mark: Hey! How about this? We’ll just tackle him!


Mark: You know, all of a sudden, there’s the camera shot and then he’s just straight down!

Josh: Absolutely.

Mark: Yeah. So we’ll figure out some way to screw this up.

Kim: They’re here to see Josh (can’t understand the rest of the sentence).

Mark: Exactly. It’s the Mark & Kim Show and Josh Groban.


Mark: KOST 103.5. Hey, it’s the Mark & Kim Show, but Josh Groban’s here. Josh, go ahead and (can’t understand).

Josh: Hey, guys!

Audience: (cheers)

Josh: Glad to be here!

Kim: You always wanted to be a disc jockey in a former life.

Josh: (deep radio voice) I certainly did.

Mark: Did you ever want to, you know…Sometimes, Grobanites, when we hear that we hear on message boards…I haven’t had a chance to see you. I missed you at the Shrine.

Josh: Okay.

Mark: I’m gonna be there Friday night at the Greek where I’ll get to see you.

Kim: Greek, right.

Josh: Great!

Mark: But you joke about dancing onstage.

Josh: (laughs) Sometimes you’re just a little hyper and you gotta let out a little nervous energy so you just gotta…

Mark: The Grobanites love it though.

Josh: Well, I appreciate that. That’s really, uh…

Mark: We’re just wondering when the backup dancers are gonna be there.

Josh: (laughs) Anything that takes the dancing away from me I think is probably an amazing idea, but probably not going to happen.


Kim: It’s his show.

Mark: From GritEatinGrobie here comes another question off the message board.

Josh: Also another real name, right?

Mark: Hello! Have you made any cultural missteps outside the U.S.?

Josh: Um, I hope not.

Mark: You know, met the president of some country and called him “butthead” by accident in his language.

Kim: You know, because you sing in other languages people are probably going to assume that you can speak those fluently.

Josh: Well, I didn’t really know how to greet the Pope.

Audience: Woah!

Kim: That’s a big one!

Mark: Your Holiness! That’s a nice one. “Dude!”

Josh: …or just shake his hand or kiss his ring or give him a hug. I didn’t know what to do, so I just gave him a nice sturdy handshake.

Mark: What about the royalty in England? Any royalty in England yet.

Josh: I have not met any royalty in England yet.

Mark: That will happen to you. And I think that they actually come to you before and will tell you exactly how you’re supposed to behave.

Josh: Really? Interesting.

Mark: Somebody from the Pope should have done that.

Josh: That may have happened in Italy, but I didn’t understand.

Mark: Really?

Kim: Yeah, I would think they would warn you. Listen, coming up you need to, if you’re driving to work…not if you’re driving to work, but if you’re still at home and you’re close to a TV, you want to switch on Channel 11.

Josh: Some cars.

Kim: Because coming up you’re going to see Josh Groban there on Good Day L.A.

Mark: Along with the Mark & Kim Show with Dorothy, Jillian and Steve Edwards.

Audience: (cheers)


Mark: (he was in the middle of a sentence when we rejoined them) … Janet Jackson when she’s not exposing herself.

Kim: We’ve got Josh Groban in studio this morning! We were just live on Good Day L.A. and that was fun.

Josh: I’ve been exposing myself all morning but you can’t see that.

Mark: Well, you have, but in a wonderful way.

Josh: In a mental way.

Mark: We thank you, Josh, for sharing so much with us.

Kim: Boy, I think that Jillian was trying to hit on you big time there.

Josh: You know, I’ve been watching the show for awhile and it’s been a dream of mine so it’s great.

Kim: (laughs) So it’s okay.

Josh: (laughs) That’s right.

Mark: Let me tell you, that girl swings on a vine, if you know what I’m saying.


Mark: We have no idea which side of the fence she lands on, but it’s exciting for everybody I guess.

Kim: Yeah, it was fun. You guys having a good time this morning?

Audience: “Oh, yeah!” “Woo Hoo!”

Kim: We had a wonderful breakfast with Josh Groban.

Josh: I’m full.

Kim: Are you?

Josh: That was great! That was delicious!

Kim: Yeah, good.

Mark: Josh, thank you so much for being here. You’re at the Greek Theatre Friday and Saturday night.

Josh: Yes.

Mark: What is going on for you in future recordings as far as you third album? I know that you’re already thinking that way, gathering songs.

Josh: Absolutely. I’ve already started thinking and working on the third album, and it’s so exciting. Being on the road you get so many inspirations.

Mark: And what kind of material are you looking to do for your third album?

Josh: At the moment I’m really kind of interested in finding some things that really tap into the world music element. I’m going to be traveling to South Africa very soon to do some concerts there, and I hope to also pick up some musical things for the album over there too.

Mark: How would you do that? Would you just turn the radio on when you get there? People, musicians that already know you’re going to be there and they’ll hook up with you?

Kim: Meet local…yeah.

Josh: You know, sometimes it’s as simple as turning on the radio. I heard “You Raise Me Up” in Ireland three years ago on a radio station in a Taxi and it just was in the back of my mind. And so, you know, it really depends.

Kim: You heard that song performed by someone else?

Josh: It has been done by one other person in Ireland a long time ago.

Kim: Oh, is that right?

Josh: Yeah, so…

Kim: How interesting. So everywhere you go you can hear different versions. That’s interesting.

Josh: Sure.

Mark: So then would your third album still contain the Multilanguage that you do? I mean, people call you…still very classical influences?

Josh: Right. I think that I owe it to my past influences, I owe it really to pay homage to those influences that got me started and to keep doing that and to keep working with different languages and the classical inspiration, sure.

Mark: Has anybody done any dance version of any of your songs?

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: Um… (laughs)

Mark: Hey listen, Humberto Gatica…

Kim: I would think they would.

Josh: He’s incredible.

Mark: …who has worked with Celine Dion and some of those songs have been turned into kind of dance music.

Josh: It’s a crazy business and for all I know it could have been done. Every once in awhile yeah, I’ll get CDs of DJs who’ve mixed it and put a, you know, (makes a disco electronic drumbeat/cymbal sound) into it, you know, but…I did a remix once and it was awful, and so I tend to not do that a lot on my own, but other people do it all the time.

Kim: Yeah.

Mark: When former President Ronald Reagan passed away, we put together a wonderful piece.

Josh: I heard, yeah.

Mark: And Nancy Reagan wrote us a letter thanking us and being very inspired by her music.

Josh: She is an extraordinary lady, and it’s been really great to meet her.

Mark: I don’t think we’ve ever seen such an artist touching, you know, teenagers to…

Kim: Right, so many generations, it’s crossed…but you talked about music being the universal language.

Josh: It is, yeah. So the letters that I’ve received and the people that I’ve been able to meet…when I see that connection, it’s why I do what I do.

Mark: Yeah, and I talked with a musician who is a huge pop fan and I told him we’re going to have Josh Groban on the air with us in a Breakfast, and I said you as a musician, what is it about Josh Groban that hits you? And this guy, he’s a professional, makes a great living in music.

Josh: Mmm Hmm.

Mark: And he said, you know what, it’s stupid to say it but I’ll say it…It is real music. And I think that it is…that’s so simple, but your music whether you’re singing English, French, German…Are you going to do a German song?

Josh: Yeah, maybe. (German accent) “Ja!” (sp?) (laughs)

Kim: (laughs)

Mark: I don’t think German is as romantic a language, but you know…

Kim: Oh, come on! You can do the “Oom Pa Pas” in the background.

Josh: Yeah, exactly. (German accent) “Mein liebte ein.” (sp?)

Mark: But it really is music.

Kim: But, you know, Josh your music is the real deal, and he as a man is the real deal, isn’t he ladies?

Audience: “Yeah!!”

Kim: I mean, you’re just so down-to-earth.

Josh: Thanks, ladies.

Kim: Like everybody’s kid brother. I mean, you’re just so sweet that way.

Josh: Well, thanks.

Kim: So, it hasn’t gone to your head yet?

Josh: Uh, I don’t think so.

Kim: What’s the one way that you’ve spoiled yourself since you’ve gained all this success?

Josh: Um, I bought a sports car.

Audience: “Yes!”

Kim: Yeah!”

Mark: What did you buy? What kind?

Josh: I bought a Seal Grey Porsche 911, 2004.

Mark: Oh my word!

Kim: He’s the man there!

Mark: How many tickets so far?

Josh: Three.

Mark: Have you really?


Josh: Yeah. (laughs)

Mark: There you go. And the problem is that it’s like, “Who are you?” “Josh Groban.”

Josh: Yeah. (laughs)

Mark: Anybody recognize you and say, “Hey listen, slow down. It’s Sunset, here.”

Josh: Not on the way to Vegas they don’t, no.


Mark: Yeah, oh I know. Listen, geeze.

Josh: (laughs)

Kim: Do they ask you if your Daddy bought it for you?

Josh: Uh, no I don’t think so.

Kim: (laughs) No, okay.

Mark: And you know, just one final question, you know your life has really changed in the last three or four years. You know, the friends that you grew up with…

Josh: Mmm Hmm.

Mark: …how does your celebrity affect them? Has there been anything negative that way at all?

Josh: Sure, there has been negative, but I think the nice thing about it is that your real friends are the ones that understand when you have to be away for awhile and understand what’s happening in your life, and I’m just as understanding to them. I think that sometimes you find your truest friends when you’re in a situation that’s very different, and so many of my friends that I grew up with are still very, very close friends.

Kim: That’s good.

Mark: Well, I can tell you that here’s an artist sitting right next to me that you are going to know for years to come. You have so much on the horizon being 23 years old. Congratulations!

Josh: Well, thank you.

Mark: God has blessed you with an unbelievable talent.

Josh: Absolutely. Thank you very much.

Kim: And you know, we’re happy to be there in the beginning.

Josh: You certainly were, and I cannot thank you both enough for just being just incredible supporters and for being there from the beginning.

Kim: Yeah.

Mark: We’re hoping to be there in the end with you!

Josh: Yes!

Mark: (Hard to understand what he says next, maybe “At a hundred and fifteen.”)


Mark: Everyone, how about it? Josh Groban joining us this morning.

Audience: (cheers)

Josh: Thanks, everybody.

Mark: Thank you very much.

Kim: Very fun.

Josh: I had a great time.

Mark: We look forward to many more CDs and many more visits, Josh.

Josh: You got it! Any time!