Josh Groban Concert--Casino de Paris
French Review of Paris Concert
December 20, 2004
(Thanks Line [GoofyJosh] for the transcript)
Magical, extraordinary, unbelievable, transcending, fantastic…

Josh Groban was simply incredible. We all knew he was a talented interpreter, but now know that he’s also playing the drums, keyboards and piano! He never hesitated to give all that he could give us. Josh Groban seems to be someone very friendly, very nice. He didn’t hesitate to come out after the show to sign autographs in the street. Since yesterday night my list of artists to whom I give eternal respect grew by one more. He really belongs to the grand, the imprescriptible, by the quality of his voice, his scenic interpretation and then…the lyrics, the songs, what he is and what he projects.

Just like a teenager I wrote him an e-mail via his internet website (…I still hesitate to publish it…Stupid, wouldn’t you say…One would think I’m a 14 year old kid!