"Wildest Dreams" Show
Oprah Winfrey Show
March 2, 2005
Dreams Come True

The Wildest Dreams Bus is taking Manhattan! The unsuspecting dreamer is Oprah's best friend, Gayle King, editor at large of O, The Oprah Magazine in New York City. To pull off this fantastic moment, Oprah calls on Gayle's favorite singer Josh Groban.

"[Surprising Gayle] was hard but so much fun," Oprah says. "We do not keep secrets from each other. We talk every day about everything."

Minutes before Josh arrives, Gayle decides to call Oprah for a chat. Gayle wants to talk about—who else—Josh Groban! "[He's having] a concert this Friday night," she tells Oprah. "His voice does something to me. I just feel him!"

"What was that song that you love so much?" Oprah asks casually. Gayle sings her answer: "When you say you love me…"

Josh's song is still on Gayle's lips when he steps into her office. "Oh my goodness!" she screams, "Josh is here! I would have dressed today. I have no makeup. I look like a schlub!"

Josh presents Gayle with a bouquet of yellow roses and asks her to come with him.

"Oh, this is too much," Gayle says, overwhelmed. "Where are we going?"

That's also a surprise, Gayle!

Oprah and Josh have planned the serenade of Gayle's dreams. An army of decorators and technicians quietly transformed a dreary conference room into a romantic concert hall designed by none other than the fabulous Colin Cowie. Josh sings the very song that Gayle and Oprah had just been talking about on the phone, "When You Say You Love Me" from Josh's CD Closer.

Afterward, Gayle shares what she was thinking during Josh's serenade. "I said if he ever sang that song, I would just die. And then to have him this close to me singing the song? For a moment, you get all caught up and think, 'He's really singing to me. I do Josh, I do!" Gayle jokes, "Yes, I'll marry you!"