Tanglewood Meet & Greet
Josh's Comments to Grobanites
August 27, 2005
(Thank you to Alexandra [JusJoshin] and Nay [Supernay] for this transcript)

Check one...

(applause and cheering)

My people…

Hey everybody…

So great to be here

Um, I just wanted to just come in here and say thank you for coming out to Tanglewood. This is…obviously you guys know this is a special, special place.

(Someone from the audience: You were wonderful!)

(Ravenous cheering)

Indecipherable…*kind as always…this is a special place. And you guys are…are the loudest and the greatest…" [Someone in the crowd asks if we embarrassed him] "An embarrasment? Please! I do that to myself….Um….ya…."

Has anyone here been to one of my concerts?


So then you know I normally have a little more space…

Is this your first time? Welcome…Alright, cool……

Well...Check my notes here.

Ah, I'm workin’ on a new cd right now.


We’ve found some great music and, um, just started to do some writing and I’ll soon go to France in a month to work with Eric Mouquet.

And there’s at least…

(Someone in audience: Ya Josh!)

I think Smile I should record Smile.


You like that one….(hesitant) [someone in the crowd yells out that he should record Angel] And, Angel…Well, um, you know you can‘t…My mom’s said that to me "you gotta record Angel with Sarah"..well…you can’t, like, redo a classic that quickly though…and, you know David’s been telling me that *Pure Imagination has also done that (Indecipherable)…I was actually thinking of that one for tonight but I thought it might get you guys to laugh too hard, I mean…I know how (indecipherable) is…

Annie…Annie Jasper to the stage..oh yeah?…(announcer voice) Annie to the podium… to the white courtesy telephone, Annie to the white courtesy telephone…

It’s not just for (Indecipherable) record…

Is this…is this…your going to sing for me?


Would you mind?

Let’s have a Grobanite talent show tonight!

(cheering) Please…Annie…I was nervous tonight, so...

Annie: Yes, I feel a song coming on…mi, mi, mi, mi…

Welcome to Groban Nite.... [stops] *laughing and cheering*

Welcome to Groban Nite
Our theme, she black and white
I hope you Grobanites
All bring you appetites

Some come from far away
To hear Josh sing today
Go easy at the bar
So you no crash you car

John Williams returns to Tanglewood
Josh Groban too, he gonna sing good

Joooosh and the Boston Pops
Joooosh and the Boston Pops

La diiiiiiii da da daaaa DAAAAH

John Williams and the Boston Pops
They pull out all the stops
He wave his stick around
They make a pretty sound

"Remember" that song in Troy
Josh bring us so much joy
I see my destiny...

[crowd cheers]
Josh will you marry me?

Hey...I ain't so good lookin'
But he gonna love my cookin'

Joooosh and the Boston Pops
Joooosh...(everybody!) and the Boston Pops

[with the crowd] Jooooosh and the Boston Pops
Jooooosh and the Boston Pops

Well! …And you know, speaking of songs for the album…

Are you actually Russian? (embarrassed) Italian! Sorry! (Russian accent) Usually when I hear that I want to drink Vodka…There’s a bar? Let’s get wasted!

No, I just wanted to stop in and say thank you so much. You all are so, so beautiful and wonderful, and obviously very very talented. And, um…And I wanted to tell you just thank you for you patience. I know I can’t wait to get back on the road. Believe me I want to release an album (Indecipherable) But the album does have to be finished before I release it. And, um, it has to be really good before I release it. So I’m taking my time with that making sure we just keep topping ourselves. So thank you so much for being here, and I'm glad I've been able to uh…" [someone says "Thank you Josh"] "No, thank you! *And I'm glad I've been able to kinda pick and choose some things while I’ve been off the road to do like this and the Hollywood Bowl too.

You never know what else will spring up, you know. But, um…

(Indecipherable from audience)

Is that my water? (announcer voice) Security…To the white ( Indecipherable) courtesy phone...


(Audience: You were great with Sarah Maclachlan)

Thank you, I had a good time doing Live 8...Good cause…And um, I don't know, I just thank you for being here. Anyone here on the message board?

*audience claps and cheers*

Try not to eat each other alive, ya know. Be patient.

I try…I’m not on that much right now cause I’m working but Warner Brothers will call me up, “Josh! You gotta get on the board! They hate each other!" "What are they fighting about now?" "Your hair! They‘re fighting about your hair!” We need some new music fast!

Um, so, everybody be nice to each other and everybody please say a prayer for Connie tonight. She is here. She is with us tonight. I could definitely feel her onstage . She’s, um, she’s uh, she’s here. So thank you all so much, also for being such great friends to her and for bringing her into my life. She’s really just an extraordinary woman. So thanks a lot for that.

Ya, my mom and dad came this time. They’re here. The folks are here. And um, and I do have to run now, but I do want to come and take the podium and say thank you again from the bottom of my heart. (Indecipherable) And I love you guys. Thank you so much I'll see you soon."