Phone Interview With Mark & Kim
KOST-FM, 103.5, Los Angeles
February 27, 2006
Mark: Write this down … “essence of foe” … E-S-S-E-N-C-E, essence … of, O-F … foe, F-O-E … It unscrambles to form two words. At 9:20 we’ll ask you to call us up and unscramble “essence of foe” and if at that time you are the first correct caller to do so, you will actually win.

Let’s take a call right now. You’re on the air with Mark and Kim. Can you unscramble “essence of foe”?

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: (pause) Who me?

Mark: Yeah. (laughs)

Kim: (laughs)

Mark: Hey, it’s birthday boy, Josh Groban. Woo Hoo!!

Kim: Josh! How are you? Did we wake you up?

Josh: “Uh…no, no! I was awake, I swear! Really, I was…uh…

Kim: Yeah!

Mark: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What did you do last night?

Josh: Uh, last night? I finished up some emails and played with the dog a little bit.

Kim: Oh, boy! The exciting life of a 25-year-old.

Josh: (laughs) I had a blast!

Mark: You’re 24 year old last night; it’s the last thing…

Josh: I was 24…(laughs).

Mark: You’re now a quarter of a century…

Kim: A quarter of a century old!

Josh: No, I’m just kidding.

Mark: …and you’re answering emails and playing with the dog!

Josh: I’m just kidding. I went out with some friends. I had a good time, but tonight I’m going to go out with friends and family. We’re going to have a good time.

Kim: Are you? Just dinner or what? A nice dinner?

Josh: Dinner. You know, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. When I did the Oscars last year…last year the Oscars fell on my birthday, so I didn’t really get to do anything.

Mark: That’s right, and you got to sing on the Oscars.

Kim: That’s right! I remember that!

Josh: And I got to sing on the Oscars, but we got these crazy gift baskets. Just ridiculously stupid gift baskets, and I was so busy this year that I hardly got to really call in for anything that was in the gift basket.

Mark: (laughs)

Kim: We’ve gotta teach you things, man.

Josh: Yeah…

Mark: (laughs) So you’re gonna do that for your 25th birthday?

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: I know…

Mark: “You know, I got this really cool Razr phone! I need to figure out how this thing works!”

Josh: On all the cards it was like, “Please have your manager or personal assistant call in to retrieve your gift.” I’m like, “Uh, you know what? I’m just gonna call this thing and see what happens.”

Kim: Do they have an expiration, like a year expiration or anything on them?

Josh: Yes!

Kim: Yeah, you gotta go tonight!

Josh: They all expire today!

Mark: Oh!! (laughs)

Kim: You do!

Josh: So, I’m gonna probably spend most of the day frantically calling to get some of that free…

Kim: …free stuff.

Josh: …free swag.

Mark: Listen, Josh, those bags were worth $35,000!!

Josh: Don’t I know it!

Mark: I mean, that’s insane!

Josh: I know, but…

Mark: Now, do you really need the laser eye surgery though?

Josh: (laughs) I don’t need the laser eye surgery, but I am gonna take the…

Mark: What about the eye lift that the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon that everybody…? They always have these wild things in there. You go, “Dude! What? I don’t need that!”

Josh: You know, I don’t know. Maybe some of the people that got it do, but not yet I don’t think, but there was a steak dinner in there that I’m gonna do tonight. So, that’s what I’m doing.

Kim: Josh, what about presents? What kind of present…what do you really appreciate when someone gives you?

Josh: Oh, you know, something that just, you know, I know that they’ve put a lot of heart into it, you know. I’ve been so lucky; I hate getting presents. I love giving presents. I mean, I just…

Mark: Alright, my birthday is July 30th. Kim’s…

Josh: Excellent!

(laughter in the studio)

Kim: It’s hard to receive.

Josh: Excellent!

Kim: If you’re not used to it, it’s hard to be able to receive. Now, I’m going to help you practice: “Thank you very much. That was very thoughtful of you.” Try it.

Josh: (laughs)

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: “Thank you very much. That was very…” No. I…it’s hard.

Kim: (laughs)

Mark: You know, it’s the sincerity we need to work on, I think.

Josh: I know. (laughs)

Kim: (laughs)

Mark: That’s all. Just work on it a little bit.

Kim: How about this one? “I only have five of those already.”

Josh: (laughs) “Hey, I think I got that in the Oscar basket.” No, actually…

Kim: Oh, no!

Mark: “Hey, you know what? I think my little brother, who happens to have the same birthday as me, he’ll enjoy that too.”

Josh: That’s true. Isn’t that scary?

Mark: Josh, your brother’s 21.

Josh: He’s 21…

Mark: I mean, that should be a big birthday.

Kim: That is so strange.

Josh: …and you guys are in Vegas, right?

Kim: Yes, we are.

Mark: Yeah, listen, tell him that…

Josh: I’m going to take him to Vegas.

Mark: I think that would be a good idea.

Kim: He’s 21, yeah!

Mark: And tell him he can throw away that fake I.D. that he’s been using for the last three years now too, okay?

Josh: (laughs) Yeah, exactly.

Mark: Oh, geeze.

Kim: You’ve performed here in Vegas, haven’t you?

Josh: I have, yeah, twice actually at the Mandalay Bay. Yeah. it’s been fun.

Kim: And twenty years from now you’ll take over for Celine, right? (laughs)

Josh: (laughs)

Mark: Oh!

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: Wow. You know…

Mark: Could you imagine?

Josh: …I’ll have to see about that, but at the moment I feel like moving around a little bit more than that, but maybe.

Kim: You’re not tired of touring yet?

Josh: No, no, no. I love it. I actually kind of miss it. I mean, when I got off the road there was that…there’s that kind of pat on the back, wow we did it, time to take a break…and then it just kind of sinks in, oh man, that was fun! You know?

Kim: Yeah. That’s funny.

Mark: Yeah, that’s the way it always goes.

Josh: But, no, I’m busy working on new stuff.

Mark: Then he thinks to himself, “You know, I was going to have a quiet birthday, and then I get these two obnoxious idiots calling me up at 8:30 in the morning!”

Josh: (laughs) You’re cruel.

Kim: Yeah, but he knows we love him.

Josh: Oh, absolutely.

Mark: Hey, listen Josh, I’m also noticing on…

Josh: Oh!

Mark: …that there’s a charity auction for the Josh Groban Foundation which actually ends today, and there’s some unique personal items that you have put up…

Josh: Yes.

Mark: …that you’re selling to fans that they can bid on until tonight.

Josh: You know, the fans have just been so incredible and every year they’ve kind of…you know, it started with them kind of creating this, you know, it’s his birthday, let’s do an auction.

Kim: That’s really neat.

Josh: …and so we’ve continued it, and every year I try to put a few things on there and they raise a ton of money and it’s a great thing.

Mark: You know, and then, and I know that you had done this earlier where someone actually got a call from you. You did this like a month ago or something.

Josh: Yes.

Mark: What are those calls like? You call up and then you say, “Hi, this is…”

Josh: Well, they’re a little later in the day.

Mark: Yeah? Yeah!

Kim: (laughs)

(laughter in the studio)

Mark: Alright! Alright!

Josh: I’m just kidding! (laughs)

Kim: Sorry! We thought you were in New York or something.

Josh: (laughs)

Mark: Aren’t you in London? Isn’t this really 4:00 in the afternoon?

Josh: (laughs) I’m eating dinner.

Mark: So, you call them up…

Josh: I call them up, and say, “Hey.” It’s funny. I never know what to expect, if it’s going to be somebody who’s just really excited, but a lot of times they’re just very matter-of-fact. They’re very…they’ve got their questions…

Kim: They’re stunned, I think.

Josh: …and we just have a good time chatting. It’s very…I get nervous.

Kim: So, Josh, when can we look forward to a new album coming out from you?

(Shout from the studio: “Yeah!”)

Kim: Yeah, new music, Mister!

Josh: You know, good question. I’m actually really glad I got to come on here because I feel like I’ve just taken forever to make this album. It’s stuff that I’m so, so proud of and I feel like this is kind of a journey that has been really an amazing one. But I want it to be absolutely perfect. And the fans have been really, really patient. But it’s really, really getting there and it’s almost done. And, you know, I think sometimes the…

Mark: Give us a flavor of it as far as pop, as far as the more traditional stuff that you have done, the “opera” or whatever you would…

Josh: Well, there’s definitely, I think, going to be some classical elements to it. I mean, that’s something that I love to do. But on this album I really definitely wanted to kind of expand and try some world music and try some world sounds and try some more eclectic flavors.

Kim: Oh!

Josh: And actually they were talking about it, I actually did go on the website the other day, and they were talking about something that they found out about that I did in New York. I was working with a group called Ladysmith Black Mambazo who are this, they’re an African folk (vocal?) group. And it just went so well and it was just such an amazing experience for me. And Good Morning America was there to tape it, and it’s a song that’s very, very important. So, that’s going to be a lot of fun.

But, I think sometimes the fans don’t understand that even after the album is done it takes a record label about three months after the album is turned in, mixed and finished to get it out there.

Kim: Yeah. Do you have a date on it? Do you have a date on it yet?

Josh: No, not an exact date yet, but I’m looking at…

Kim: Will you come in? Will you come in the studio when it gets done and visit with us some?

Josh: Oh, of course, I will! We have a blast! That’s a good time, everybody sitting around and…

Mark: Well, this next time I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a Crisco Twister game.

Kim: (laughs)

Josh: (laughs)

Mark: I don’t think we’ve ever done that with anybody.

Kim: I don’t think so.

Josh: I’ll bring the (???)…

Mark: And now that you’re a quarter century, you can start doing some of those things that you wished you’d have done younger but you never did…

Josh: That’s true. I’m a little bit limber right now.

Mark: …so that’ll be one of those things.

Kim: Well, Josh, happy birthday to you. We hope you…

Josh: Thank you guys so much, and happy anniversary to you guys.

Mark: Well, thank you.

Josh: I mean, such an incredible achievement and the star on the walk of fame.

Mark: You’re not going to say how old you were when we started, are you? You weren’t going to go there?

Kim: He was in kindergarten when we started…

Mark: Oh, he was in kindergarten!

Josh: (laughs)

Kim: …but that’s okay. That’s okay. You know what? We’ve got to hear some Josh Groban music here.

Mark: Hey, listen Josh, we will do that and thank you for the info about the new CD coming out and a very happy birthday to both you and your brother.

Josh: Well, thank you guys very much.

Mark: And you guys just have a great time whatever you choose to do, and just relax and have fun because that’s what it’s all about.

Josh: Yeah, it’s going to be great.

Mark: You have worked your…

(break in the audio here and then it starts up again)

Josh: …it’s probably going to come out late Summer.

Kim: Okay, late Summer. Alright, well, we’ll look forward to it.

Mark: Josh, happy birthday from the Mark and Kim Show and all of Southern California and the Grobanites listening this morning!

Kim: Woo! Yes!

Josh: Thank you guys! You’re the best!

Mark: Alright, here is Josh Groban. We’ve got to play a birthday boy song.

Kim: It’s “You Raise Me Up” on the KOST.

(YRMU starts to play)