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July 15, 2006
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15th July – began preparing the studio for my next guest...enter...Josh Groban.
Now...let me fill you in a little on this one. I know it may seem a little bit of an odd coupling but that’s exactly (as I’m sure you know this about me by now) why I did it. I love a good challenge. Josh is also the sweetest guy. He’s been to see me play quite a few times and had always expressed that he’d love to get into the studio “bed “ with me – as it were. We had fun exchanging nonsensical sentences, mingling somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean courtesy of ichat (my favourite route to freeing the “flow” when it isn’t there to start with) to come up with an idea for a song. Josh came up with a cracker “nothing monster” and even though we didn’t use it, it got us rolling on an idea. He came to London for 3 days to write the song with me at “the hideaway” (my studio). We worked really hard on it and wouldn’t let it rest until we were both satisfied that all fluff and fat had been removed from our song. Then Josh went back to LA to continue working on the rest of the album and I, finding days here and there between travelling and festivals etc, finished it eventually. It’s the first time I’ve recorded male vocals and written and then produced a song for another artist. I want to thank Josh for asking me as I learnt a lot in the process and think we came up with something really really good. Josh’s album comes out 7th Nov and our tune is “Now or Never”. Check it out.