Josh Likes Jussi
Svenska Dagbladet
September 29, 2006
(Thank you to Malin for this transcript)
Josh Groban doesn't just put hearts and ears on fire - he loves Jussi Björling too.

So we might get to hear "Till havs" on the next album?

-Jussi Björling is one of my absolute favorites, Josh says.

Since American Josh Groban broke through at the age of 20, has he sold astronomic amounts of albums, sung in giant arenas and charmed many ladies with his velvet eyes. His hybrid between classical music and pop, has made him mentioned as an heir to Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli. His new album "Awake" won't make the fans disappointed: opera meet Westlife in their most buttery moments.

-When I did this album I wanted to do two things: I wanted to find songs that inspired me. I also wanted to create more, write more, produce more and explore areas that I don't believe my fans expected me to go, says a quick talking Josh Groban at a hotel room in Stockholm.

His music hasn't always been one of the critics choice. But that doesn't disturb him, which isn't that surprising when he has sold double platinum with his debut album and gone straight into Billboard's number one slot with his second album. Now, he says, it is time to break some new musical ground.

So, when will we get to hear you sing in Swedish?
-I don't know, but Jussi Björling is one of my absolute favorites. He had one of the most beautiful voices, not only in Sweden, but in the world. And he was a true rock star. He even drank like a rock star!

Josh adds that his mother is Norwegian and that he really "loves Scandinavia."
-Call me crazy, but I really dig the weather. I have always loved the cold and the dark. And I ate Scandinavian food as I grew up: "lutfisk coh ost" (lutefish and cheese).

So, do you think we will get to hear you sing "Till havs" ("To sea") on your next album?
-Absolutely! Why not? He sang wonderful Swedish music and I would like to hear more of it. And Jussi is an amazing example that Swedish is a great language to sing in.