My Mom is My Best Advisor
In Touch
November 2006
By Bettina Lüke
(Thank you to Karin/German Joshfan for this transcript)
Josh Groban, the handsome singer with the voice that gives you goosebumps, talks about old friends, the end of his relationship and whom he really trusts.

It must have been a magic moment nearly eight years ago: at the tender age of 17 Josh had substituted during the rehearsals for the Grammy Awards because star tenor Andrea Bocelli had gotten sick. He sang the song "The Prayer" with Cèline Dion, and all the people in the audience stopped breathing, because the appearance of the dark brown curly haired teenager was so beautiful. A little later Josh stood beside Sarah Brightman on the stage, and then in 2001 came his first album and a TV role on Ally McBeal. One success after the next. Only in his private life the classic popstar had a setback when he and actress January Jones split after a two-year relationship. His heartsickness therapy: Working on his current album Awake.

You say that you wrote February Song on this album in a restless mood.
Yes, I was in a rather strange phase, did not know quite where I was going, and then this song came to me more or less overnight.

Did your restless mood also have to do with the end of your relationship?
Surely that was a reason. January is a nice girl, a marvelous actress. And we still do love each other - but not any longer as a couple.

How important is your home to you, a place for withdrawing?
I have my own house in L.A., and I appreciate it also. Not only because at the beginning of the year I needed simply time for me alone, also if one travels a lot like I do that is really important.

Did you furnish your house by yourself?
I am on the road so much so it is not yet finished. But it is getting there! And I get good tips from my mother; she is an interior designer.

You were born in L.A. Do you have still friends from former times?
Oh! I still have friends even from prep school. L.A. is not just Hollywood. One can also live completely normally there!

How do you work? Do you have any idols?
Actually no idols. Sometimes I would gladly like to be like Prince - he can control nearly all instruments. I am nevertheless to be heard on my new album also as a drummer. Otherwise I can fiddle about a track for four hours until it is as I wish it to me. But if it doesn't please my Mom, it's no use.

Everyone wants to sing with him.
Women can hardly resist Josh's charm: His career began at superstar Cèline Dion's side, appearances with Barbra Streisand followed, then a duet with "Goldthroat" Charlotte Church (20). "It is cool how many great people I was allowed to get to know," said Josh.

Who particularly impressed you?
"Nelson Mandela! And I had an audience with Pope John Paul II. Oh, and naturally Paul Simon. Those were insane experiences," says the Grammy nominee.