Gayle King Show
XM Satellite Radio
November 28, 2006
He's one of Gayle's absolute favorite singers! Josh Groban talks to Gayle about his music career, his childhood and his newest CD, Awake.

Josh says he always loved music, but it wasn't necessarily the singing aspect that first caught his attention. As a child, Josh says he loved playing the piano, keyboards and synthesizers, and later the drums. "The singing part of it didn't really happen until [later]," he says, probably around 13 or 14. "It kind of snuck up on me. I was afraid of it at first and eventually you kind of take ownership of it, and take lessons and find out what it is you want to say."

Josh talks about the close relationship he has with his family and friends. Josh says fame hasn't changed him—he's still nervous when performing and he still leans on his family for support. "I think, for me, I'm a worrier for one and that keeps you pretty grounded," Josh says. "And also, having my family and my friends—you have to surround yourself with people that know you for who you are and won't ever let you be anything else."

Josh says his newest CD, Awake, was named after a song that is only featured on the special edition of the CD. "That song is really about things moving so fast and about keeping your eyes open to so many of the positive things that happen," he says. "I wrote that as kind of a tribute to my family and to those people that have really helped me through a lot of hard times…and trying not to forget the lessons that are taught to you."