Opera for Everyone
Awake CD Review in Newspaper (Israel)
December 2006
(Thank you to Jordan/dandy16 for this transcript)
Josh Groban. Big Voice.

If George Michael is mostly making his way downhill, Josh Groban is going rapidly in the other direction. Groban, who combines a bit of saccharine pop and opera for the whole family, made his breakthrough in 2001 with his debut album and already then was indicated as a success.

The man who performed almost in every opera and came (in pop manners) out of nowhere, has become in one night a Cinderella Story. His debut album sales stopped at six million copies. His next album, "Closer," only empowered this tendency and has sold nine million copies and even credited him his first Grammy prize.

"Awake" is supposed to enlarge his success even more. His third album (the guy's only 25) with all its polished 15 tracks maximizes the abilities which were discovered and proved already then. His velvety baritone voice, his captivating look and the linguistic combination between Spanish and Italian (romance) and English (practice) -- all those are to arrange him a very white Christmas. And to make it more interesting, he worked here among the rest with Dave Matthews and Herbie Hancock to fit more the average American taste.

Again, if you're looking for an alternative go get Damien Rice's new one, but if Andrea Bocelli did good to you a couple of years ago Groban is the one who would now.